Sunday, September 8, 2013

Got A Pair Of New Art Pieces And One Of Them Is Something Of A Mystery. Good News Is That Neither Are Prints And At Least One Will End Up At The Shag. Status: Mystery Building.


Well, we were going to get out to the Wentzville flea this morning but alas, we woke to thunderstorms this morning that lasted all the way until around noon.  So much for the Sunday flea.  Wonder what we missed.

I know we didn't miss the Drive In last evening!  We saw a double feature of the new Riddick and

Elysium.  Both worthy movies but we were hoping for a bit more than a rehash of Pitch Black where

Riddick was concerned.  It was every bit as good as Pitch Black...maybe a little better...but c'mon, it

certainly didn't expand the story line of the Chronicles Of Riddick.   Elysium was pretty gritty where

it counted, making it pretty easy to suspend disbelief where it was needed.


Back to this stuff...  Anybody know what building this is?  Is Lisch a local Architect?  This is an

original pencil architectural drawing so I'm kinda thinking that since I found this locally that the

building is probably local as well.  Probably not a residential building either.  The flag poles out

front make me thing it's a bank or something.  I kinda wish it Was a local home!  I'd love to have

a place this cool looking...but with lots of blinds for those big windows! 


This too is an "original" paint by numbers painting.  By that I mean it's not a print.  Could you

imagine?!  I'm sure someday there will be prints of vintage paint by numbers, but I surely not yet. 

This one is especially colorful and I may have a hard time giving it up.  I might just swap another

one out of my collection and drop It off at The Green Shag Market.  I do wish that the frame was

in a little better shape.  I might have to clean it up a bit and re-paint it white.  Kind of a shame that

people don't sign these in general.


  1. As far as prints of vintage paint by numbers, well, there are these: I'm quite fond of it actually and have been contemplating getting one for a while now. I'm not sure you'd ever mistake them for an "original" though!

    1. Hi Alison.

      I'm not a fan of aphorism art (so ready for that fad to go away) but at least it's on a cool print!