Friday, September 13, 2013

After A Year And A Half (I Think) I've FINALLY Invested In Some Proper Shelves For My Booth (#5) At The Green Shag Market! Status: Full-A-Goods!


Yup! Mr. Modtomic finally splurged on some nice brass and glass shelves to better display all the wonderful smalls (and apparently mediums!) that I've got down at The Shag.

I've been searching c-list high and low for some attractive shelving for ages but hitting that

sweet spot of enough shelving, acceptable looks and price is difficult. Oh yeah, one more

issue...location. This set almost didn't make it because of two factors; they were located

about 20 miles south of Arnold (a pretty good haul for me) and they weren't going to fit IN

the car. Sure, I could have strapped 'em to the top and brought them here but that would

have been a little scary for such a long drive.


As luck would have it, the seller dropped the asking yesterday enough so that I could

comfortably offer her the original asking if she could deliver them to me. I wasn't expecting

that she could since how many people have a vehicle capable of moving these. Again, as

luck would have it...she did! So the set got delivered straight to The Shag for me today and

the seller's husband was even kind enough to help me set them up and get them positioned

properly. I gave the seller another $50 beyond our deal since they were so helpful, timely

and nice. I'm certainly glad we agreed to meet kinda early (at least for me) since it took

every bit of time I had to then fill those shelves and arrange the booth again.


So now my booth, even though I JUST ADDED more shelf space, still looks over crowded.

See what happened was...I boxed up and brought in more smalls along with the Caprani

floor lamp. Plus, I could do a better job of arranging everything, I just never leave myself

enough time. Oh well, I ain't gonna find this stuff a new home if it's sitting in mine! The last

couple months have been very kind to a Mr. so I'm not counting on getting cleaned out this

month. That kinda luck don't last! So maybe I'll start pulling select items and rotating in

some new ones...just to keep things fresh. This isn't in my nature by the way. There are two

schools of thought on this; one is to keep rotating the stock to keep your booth looking

fresh (but what if a buyer for that chair you just pulled walks in an hour later?) and two is to

keep everything available until it gets snatched (but what if a buyer for that chair you can't

bring in stopped by today?). There is no wrong or right way to do this. You just gotta go

with your instinct.



  1. What if you saved pictures of all the items ready for sale on a flash drive and put them on a motion-sensitive digital picture frame? You could include captions telling shoppers to have workers at The Green Shag contact you if they saw something they wanted to buy. You'd have to figure out a way to secure it to a shelf so it wouldn't get stolen, but that might work. You can get the things for under $100.

    You might even put a looping PowerPoint presentation on a computer so ancient that no one would be tempted to steal it. I'd stop and look at something like that in a booth.

    1. Hi Dana.

      I had a similar idea back when I had the smaller space but never thought about a motion sensitive unit. That's genius!

  2. Well, it looks wonderful! I'm sure it's quite a job keeping it all "fluffed up"!!!

    1. Hi R.Sandie.

      It is quite the least when it comes to hauling in and arranging he larger items, but it's a fun job and that makes it easier! Sometimes it seems like I'm playing a slow motion game of Tetris in that booth.