Saturday, August 31, 2013

What St. Louis Lacks In Vintage Modern Shop Grapevine Info It Surely Makes Up For In Seriously Fine Stock And Choice. So MoModerne Moves It's Headquarters Out To The County...And No One Bothers To Tell A Mr.! Status: New Address - Same Great Taste.


I guess I've nobody to blame but myself.  I have to say, I haven't been out to ANY of the vintage modern shop around town lately...and so why would any of these merchants bother to let me in on news as big as the moving of their store front...much less the opening of their Second Storefront!


Yes!  It would seem that the robust economy of the the St. Louis metropolitan area is healthy enough

to support not one, but two new(ish, Momoderne has actually been around a while I guess) vintage

modern retailers.  I haven't been yet (I WILL, I promise!) but the "old" MoModerne back in the city

on Cherokee Street is still alive and well only renamed Junk Junkie!  From what little intel. I've

bothered to gather so far, it's more Kitschy and Retro than MoModerne cool is that!


MoModerne has always kept thing decidedly upscale and obviously it has served them well.  You won't

find any chrome trim formica "Lucy" tables in here.  What you will find is lots of Teak, Walnut, Birch and

if you're lucky some Rosewood.  Also on the menu is plenty of Leather, Fiberglass, Stainless Steel and

Glass.  Getting hungry?  My mouth was watering when I was there!


You're also likely to find yourself surrounded by some pretty heavy hitters while you're browsing.

Paul McCobb, Edward Wormley, George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames, Alvar Aalto, Norman

Cherner, (::pant pant::) Isomu Noguchi, Ib Kofod Larsen, George Mulhauser...I could go on, but

enough name dropping.  There's also plenty of obscure items of interest in here as well.  Also note

the nice balance of large case pieces to seating to smalls and art.  Do these folks know what they

are doing?  Yup.


And it's not cluttered or hard to move around in the shop either.  You won't feel like if you take a

step backward to further admire a nice sofa or desk that you might knock over something that you

might not have wanted to take pieces.  This is no small task.  I know, from stocking my

booth at The Green Shag AND my space at our family shop Fleur De Lis - Home Source, that it is

hard to not just keep putting more and more in every conceivable nook and cranny!  The restraint

is admirable and soon there will be more space to show it in!


Yes, while we were visiting there was a strong odor of fresh paint.  Turns out there will soon be

another showroom in the rear of the building where even MORE of these pieces will soon be found!

According to the shopkeep, there will be a grand opening party for the second room next weekend

although the date hasn't yet been set.  I'm hoping for Saturday so's I can attend.  If so, maybe you

can come by as well and see if you can spot me!  Say "howdy" if you can.


I have to say that I wasn't sure that St. Louis could support as many shops like this as it currently

seems to be and I'm sorta proud that it can!  ::sniffle sniff::  Sorry, I'm tearing up a little!  St. Louis

is by no means a top tier city but we keep chugging right along and make progress where we can.

If you live here...or even close and like to take advantage of the amenities of the city, get out there

and support your local businesses however you can. 


Stop by a shop like MoModern, Rocket Century or The Future Antiques and even if you maybe

don't buy something, give them a leg up on Yelp or Google Reviews or a shout out on whatever

social media You choose to use!  It will all come back to you somehow!


  1. MoModerne's new store looks really nice. Great that StL's consumers are supporting them, along with Rocket Century and The Future Antiques.

    1. Hi Dana.

      Doesn't it seem like there should be a pool at the bottom of those white steps?! Probably not a good idea...I'd end up hanging out there All...DAY. I didn't get to see the new room that had just been painted but I think the place should be twice it's size next week!

  2. I've always admired that little storefront on Watson. Lived right by it when I was still in stl and watched it languish forever as a cash4gold. Yay, st louis!

    1. Hi Susie S.

      Ever go to Whitecliff in the summertime? I used to go there all the time back in the late '80s early '90s. I guess I got swimming pools on my brain!

  3. Proving yet again that, All The Best Stuff's In St. Louis! Thanks for the tour, Mr. Modtomic!

  4. Hi Mr. Mod-

    First of all love the blog and I'm jealous and want to move to STL now...:)

    Second question-do you happen to have any info about those brass and chrome industrial-look floor lamps that are behind a sofa in the photo next to the Cherner armless chairs?

    I'm a MCM dealer in Atlanta; and happen to have one of those lamps and haven't been able to dig up any info on it ....

    1. Hi Jennifer.

      I believe those lamps are called Max Lamps, at least that's the only manufacturer I could find. Hope that helps!