Monday, August 19, 2013

So Yeah, Dana (From Mid2Mod) Hit The Nail On The Head! This Poul Kjærholms PK 24 Lounge / Chaise WAS, In Fact, One Of The Three Chairs I Journeyed To Kansas City For This Past Sunday. C'mon, It's Beautiful And Unusual...How Could I Resist?! Status: At The Shop Already!


Oddly enough, this was NOT the impetus for the trip to KC.  Another chair had caught my eye and this one...this was Lagniappes!  Well...not strictly speaking, it wasn't like FREE or anything but it was a nice bonus chair to find on such a long roadtrip.

No way was I going to drive for 9 hours for one measly chair!  Finding this rarity made the pain a

little easier to take.  I was so hoping that it would be an original Fritz Hansen piece but alas it turned

out to be a reproduction.  Oh well, finding someone to fork out $10,000 for a real PK 24 might have

been a bit of a challenge anyway.  Got to look on the bright side of these things!


There are some minor differences between this reproduction and the real thing but to tell you the

truth, before I spotted This One on the KC craigslist I had no idea that a real or otherwise PK 24

existed, and I doubt the vast majority of vintage modern enthusiasts do either!  Most of us will just

see a well constructed cool design and be pretty happy with that. 


While there are some very slight design differences, the materials are all spot on...and simple. 

Stainless steel base and frame, woven wicker surface and a leather head rest.  Even the actual design

is ridiculously simple.  Three pieces (more or less) all held together by gravity.  One of the

differences in this reproduction's design is that it has three knocks in the seat rails so that it has three

angles that the seat can rest on the base.  The original (I think) was infinitely adjustable but I think I

like the idea of it not sliding around and "adjusting" itself as I place my weight on it!


Know what else is nice?  All I had to do was knock some dust off the stainless steel and this was

ready to be shown in the shop!  I picked up two other chairs and the "main" one I went for is wanting

for some upholstery it's gonna be a while before it shows it's face 'round here!  The other is

a bit worn but it wears it well and is also already available in the shop but I'll post more about it later. 

It was truly a Lagniappes find as I only picked it up after leaving KC and was well on my way home!


  1. I'd love to own one of those. They're so cool!

    1. Hi Dana.

      I've already had a touch of local interest in the lounger. It might not be in the shop long!

  2. The whole vignette you have going on there looks great (and so appealing!) Good work Mr. Mod. Cheers - CT