Thursday, August 8, 2013

Some More Stuff That Came Home With Mr. Modtomic From The Wentzville Flea. Does Mr. Modtomic Need Any Of These Lovely Items? No...But Could He Leave Any Of It Behind? Again No! Status: Two Keepers, One For Adoption.


Some weekends we come home from the fleas nearly empty handed...while other days the fleas are quite generous!  This past weekend fell squarely into the generous category!  Of course, scoring the Russel Wright relish rosette helped tons!  Faith renewed!


More kitties?  More Kitties!!!  Yes, I know...I got some sorta kitty problem.  But c'mon, you telling

me You wouldn't have grabbed these up if you had seen them yourself?  They's just so cute!  Can't

find much info on the web about Selden brass cats.  I think I've got some porcelain cats just like

these.  These ain't going nowhere.


This walnut and marble cheese board IS going bye-bye!  I've got plenty of cheese and cracker serving

apparatus around this joint.  Lots of times you'll find cheese boards like this at the thrift stores sans

the cheese knife.  Luckily this unit still had it's attached.  Good looking wood too, don't ya think?


I had a lead on Three of these on craigslist.  I went back and forth with the seller trying to set up a

time to pick them up over the course of a couple of days and then finally Sunday they just replied to

my e-mail that they had been sold.  Jerks.  Well, at least I managed to snag a single at the flea.  That

takes some of the sting out of the craigs-fail.  These are great for tossing on a Bertoia chair or

snuggling with on a cold winter evening when you're waiting for the fire to get blazing.  Oh yeah,

McDuff the Fluff approved!

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  1. You and James Bond had a kitty problem. Not bad company.