Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Feminine Side to Modern Design

I want to start this first blog post from myself with a congratulations to Mr. Modtomic for Having 3 great years of back to back blog posts! I will never understand where he gets the energy and time to post everyday, but his blog has been a daily read for myself since the beginning.
My Name is Hannah, and I have a blog called Secondhand. I don't keep up with my blog the way Mr. Modtomic does, but I enjoy having a place to document some of my thrifty finds and projects along the way.

I decided I would post here about the feminine side to modern design. I would say my style can have a tendency to lend itself  more to the masculine side of things since I love clean lines and modern design.
I am the only female living in a house with 3 male house mates ( my husband and our 2 sons) So I feel here and there I need to sneak in some pieces that are more feminine.
 This is a new piece to me and was purchased from a little sale on the side of the road. The previous owner had slip covered the cushions in a newer fabric not to my taste. Yes, the fabric was way more feminine than the original, but the curving chrome body of this piece was the subtle feminine look I love.

The original upholstery was in great shape underneath and the two tone of the cushions was totally unexpected, but a great surprise. The upholstery is a wonderful nubby wool, and the cushions snap on to the  off-white sling portion of the chair.

I searched endlessly online to try to find the maker/ designer of this chair. The only identical chair that I could find was made by Capellini as a collaboration with Emilio Pucci. And of course that rocker was covered in amazing Pucci textile.

I feel that this rocker is a great example of the feminine side of modern design, It has the curves a woman loves and clean lines that so many men are attracted to.
Congrats again Mr. Mod for 3 great years, and thank you for asking me to contribute here!


  1. Wow...you're so lucky to have found such a great fabric underneath!

    1. Yes Dana! It couldn't have fit my taste any better!