Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Everybody Talks About How Big A Deal It Is To Purchase A House...Heck, I Found One At The Flea Market! And I Didn't Even Have To Take Out One Of Them Fancy Loans Either. Neither Will You, I Suspect. Status: Little Pink Houses - For You And Me.


"Made In The U.S.A."  Not many toys can boast that anymore.  "Tin" litho' toys are great nostalgia finds at the flea markets and even though this one isn't as old as some of the truly valuable pieces, I'll take what I can get!


Even just as retro art pieces these are quite nice.  They really speak to the American Dream / Atomic

Family ethos.  If only I could keep our house looking this perfect!  Well, perfect is a strong word. 

There are some bumps and scrapes on this Marx tin litho ranch and it seems to be missing the

chimney and something else up on the roof.  I've got a small lot of "doll house" furniture but sadly I

think it may be the wrong scale.


This was by far the largest item we picked up at the Wentzville flea over the weekend.  It was hiding

(much like the lot of Russel Wright featured yesterday) well below eye level, sitting sad and forlorn

on the ground under a table.  Just like everything else we snatched up, it was filthy and as cheap as

the dirt that was covering it!  After I give it a little more cleanup and fix that bent roof this will be

found in my booth at the Green Shag Market.  Anybody in the market for a Little Pink House?


  1. I had a red two-story dollhouse when I was a kid. Have you seen what those things are going for on this site?


    1. Hi Dana.

      Dag, wish it had still been in it's box - unassembled! Looking on eBay you'll find a much different story for those that have been around the block. Still, that cool one I stupidly passed on a few years ago...it seems to regularly sell on eBay for $200 - $300. ::sigh::

    2. I've never really understood the mindset of collectors who buy things new and then store them away in the original package, unopened and unassembled, hoping they'll be valuable someday. I'd end up with an attic full of Beanie Babies that sell on eBay today for $.99 to $5.00. ha!

    3. Seems like with a lot of these type things the real value accruement only happens well after the original collector can take advantage. And that's why we hit the Estate Sales!

  2. One of my friends had this house. I don't remember which one. I'll guess it belonged to a parent or older sibling first? Any sense of the year?

  3. I had that house when I was about 6. I am 57.

  4. Looks like a series 500 or 1000 by Marx.