Friday, August 23, 2013

Wow! I Stopped By The Green Shag Market Today To Drop Off This Spun Aluminum "Spider" Lamp And Found That Lots Of Stuff Was Gone! Mr. Modtomic Needs To Restock. Status: Started.


So you say you're looking for a mid century modern style floor lamp but aren't really enamoured of the idea of buying vintage? I might just have you covered! I just this afternoon dropped off this beautiful contemporary spun finish aluminum multi element adjustable floor lamp. Really, I just got this for some extra lighting in the booth, but it's got a tag on it!


A few weeks ago Mom-tomic asked what I thought about "spider" lamps as far as offering

them in the shop. I really don't know much about the "vintage" ones...or if there even Are

"vintage" ones! I figured any of them in chrome with an older looking the right price

would probably do fine at the shop and that even the brass ones might do good too seeing

as the '80s brass look seems to be on the upswing. Really it all just comes down to what

she's willing to risk...'cuz, for real...I'm not sure!


So grabbing this one up kinda flys in the face of all that advice since it's obviously not old

and not chrome OR brass! But it doesn't really matter if it sits in the booth forever since its

primary role is, as it should be, to provide some much needed illumination in the booth. But

I wouldn't shed too many tears if it disappeared from the booth like one of the Kem Weber

chrome and vinyl chairs and BOTH of the hairpin leg snack tray tables recently did!


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