Monday, August 5, 2013

Rarely Do I Find An Item Wherein I Already Know The Designer...And I Already Know The Manufacturer...But Still Have No Idea What I Have! I've Got Three Unidentified Pieces Of Russel Wright For Ya To Scratch Your Head Over...Check 'Em Out. Status: Score/Mystery.


Nick, the Girlfriends and I enjoyed a wonderful early Sunday morning last weekend at the Wentzville flea. None of us managed to snatch up anything like a Super Score but this little lot of Russel Wright Steubenville came kinda close. Well, close enough for me anyway!


OK, the teacups aren't much of a mystery...unless you count finding the cup sans saucers instead of

the other way around a mystery. Just so happens, I do! I mean, how often do you find loose Russel

Wright saucers at a thrift or flea? Uhm...just All The Time! I can't hardly walk down the street

without trippin' over 'em, or at least through the house. So how was it that I should find a quartet of

perfectly fine teacups without their saucers?! Mystery aside, it probably doesn't matter as I'm pretty

sure that I have a couple loose saucers in the collection somewhere! The REAL mystery is that...

second piece, whatever it is. I've looked all over the web and just have No idea what to call it or what

it's supposed to be used for. I'm thinking it must be exceedingly rare and how lucky am I that it's in

the very desirable Seafoam color? I'm REALLY hoping one (or more!) of my amazing readership

will know what this crazy piece is and enlighten us all.


On to the next set of mysteries! Take a good look at those bowls. Surely they are supposed to have

lids. Ever seen a Russel Wright lidded bowl in this shape before? I haven't. They are about twice the

size of a sugar bowl and oddly enough seem to sorta "nest" on top of one another. All I need is one

more with a lid and they'd make a wonderful stacking canister set. But alas, what ARE they? I can't

find another example of these either, but for real...I'll admit that I haven't spent much time on these.

And for our last mystery: the vendor. The vendor only had the cracked serving bowl out on her table.

I probably wouldn't have found the rest of this lot had it not been so, but why she chose to only

display the only broken piece has me confounded! She probably just didn't notice but it was the bit of

luck I needed to add some interesting new bits to my ever growing Russel Wright collection!



  1. The two small bowls are the American Modern ice box jars. They turn up from time to time without lids. With lids they are quite valuable!

  2. the weird circle thing is a relish rosette!

  3. Jeez Louise! You two are fast! And can a Mr. just say: AWESOME!?

    Thanks so much for ID help. I might not have ever gotten it without ya!

  4. Yes! Relish Rosette! I actually recall seeing a spun aluminum one of these (it was raised in the middle to form almost a "mountain") at a thrift, and I'm kicking myself to this day for not picking it up, as I had no idea what it was. Glad you discovered it!

  5. Well, I wouldn't have known what that round piece was either, but it IS very pretty! (I almost thought it was the lid to a really big bowl! LOL!)