Monday, August 26, 2013

By The Time I'm Done Posting Photos Of The Randolph Street Market Designer Flea You Are Gonna Feel Like YOU Drove Five Hours There And Five Hours Back! Status: Done Yet? Not Even Close!


First of all, sorry if you're getting sick of the Randolph Street Market flea. I just took SO many photos and they all seem to show a different facet of the flea's character and blah blah blah...really I just love that I was able to take so many good photos courtesy of the amazing wares and well curated vendors and I want to show you them All!


Yesterday I didn't show you any of the vendors who were hawking their vintage clothing so

I made sure to get a few photos of That in today. And check it out, not just Women's vintage

wares but also for the fellas! That's right ladies and gentleman, you can drag that sad sack

backward baseball cap wearing beau of yours down to the flea and set him right (while

picking up a fantastic chapeau or pair of shoes for yourself!).


I think we've already decided that, barring any unforeseen obstacles, we are going back

next month and I promise, I won't be taking so many photos! I probably won't be bringing

much home but I will be there looking for those needle in a hay stack bargains. Of course

you can count on a full report on my findings!


Upon conversing with one of the vintage modern furnishing dealers from Cincinnati I found

that some of the dealers hadn't even brought out their best stuff! Some of this equates to

the vendors garage sale offerings! Man, I wish I had such nice leftovers. Should I get the

itch to dive into this deep end I will have to pack up most of my best just to keep up!


So I'm for sure going to have at least one more post with a ton more Randolph Street

Market photos but I promise it won't be tomorrow! I swear that I will post about one of the

two items I snatched off the Chicago craigslist while I was up there. "Vintage Modern

Bargains on Chicago's craigslist?" Yes! They can be had! Just like sussing them out here at

home it just takes a little (ok maybe a lot) persistence and determination. Kinda like

publishing a daily blog!



  1. I've yet to really explore Chicago's resale scene since moving up here. I can't wait to go the Randolph Street market in September, though. I wanted to go this time but it was too hot for my lily britches. Looks like it'll be a hoot and a half!


    1. Hi Susie.

      It weren't to bad out Saturday long as you were able to stick close to some shade. We DID get a little redneck sunburnt but that was 'cuz we forgot our cowboy hats! We might just be back next month so look out for us.