Saturday, August 3, 2013

This LONG Video Of Jonathan Butler And The Brooklyn Flea / Brownstoner Is Just Packed With Lots Of Good Information. Unfortunately The "Production Values" Leave The Veiwer Wanting. Still, If You've Got An Hour To Kill, Check It Out! Status: Brilliance Meets Opportunity.

Brooklyn Flea Market

I think that the Brooklyn Flea might be the most photogenic flea market ever!  I was actually looking for another interview video with Mr. Butler but couldn't find it. This one is kinda shaky but it's still chock full of information and inspiration. After watching this I've decided to work on implementing some changes here on Mr. Modtomic, so watch out...change is in the air!

I feel like the blog and I have been sorta stuck at the beginning of Jonathan's story! It's got me thinking and I feel like I need to work on this. Stay tuned to see where this leads.


  1. I enjoyed the interview very much. All through it, however, I kept thinking about his statement that you can't be afraid to fail.

    I really believe there are two types of people: the kind that needs security and the kind that craves risk. I am admittedly of the first type. I have not one ounce of entrepreneurial spirit in my body and needed a steady paycheck. If I had struck out on my own, I'm afraid failing is ALL I would have thought about.

    I'll definitely stay tuned to see what you have up your sleeve.

    1. Hi Dana.

      I'm right there with you in regards to the need for security, but I think Jonathan's statement that you can't be afraid to fail has to be taken with a grain of salt. Recall that he repeatedly had a VERY WELL paying Wall Street job to run back too when he felt like whatever direction he had taken didn't work out. That's not the kind of failure that you and I are afraid of, I don't think. He didn't burn the Wall Street bridge and I wouldn't quit my day job - Same thing. I'm not jumping off a cliff or anything around here, or in life, but I'm hoping to take a little leap of faith and grow the blog soon...and see where that leads.