Friday, August 16, 2013

Who Ain't Down With Some Vintage Boomboxery? Picked Up This Fetching Fella Just This Morning At A Very Local Estate Sale. Love Those Friday Morning Sales...Less Crowds! Status: Collected.


Yeah, I know...this isn't vintage modern. Thing is, I also collect vintage '80s boomboxes! This one is by Lasonic which, if memory serves, was the same as the boomboxn in the seminal '80s breakdance movie Breakin'...or was it in Beat Street? I'm so old.


There were about a half dozen estate sales around town this morning but luckily for me the only one I was interested in was less than a mile from home! I barely had to wake up to score this kickin' system. As a matter of fact, I was in and out in just a few minutes and back home in bed within a half hour! Look, I was up Very Late! A Mr. needs his beauty sleep...but Boomboxes (just down the street) come first.


So obviously I haven't cleaned it up yet but I did test out the FM and I can attest, it DEFINITELY works! I don't have a cassette tape handy so I couldn't really test that out but turned less than half way up with some random pop song on was enough to give McDuff pause. He ain't so much down with high volume tunes.


LOUDNESS? Yes please! I think this will be our new Drive In boombox. It's lighter snd maybe louder than the vintage JVC we've been using. Plus ain't no old school former break dancers gonna recognize the JVC the way they will a Lasonic! I know, I'm a sad man holding on so tightly to his past and in so much need of external validation. But if I wasn't I wouldn't have much of a blog!


  1. Vintage Boomboxery! LOVE it. Cool score, dude. I do still have a bunch of cassettes, and a "tape player" - not quite a boombox. And I even still play them sometimes, yes I do.

  2. Are you planning on selling this one??!!!

    1. Hi S.

      Sorry, this wouldn't fetch more than about $75 from what I've seen on eBay and it's worth way more than that to me! Taking a quick peek around eBay, you'll be able to find one just like it and even cooler ones!

  3. Yeah, but it's hard to find a genuine LASONIC!