Sunday, August 18, 2013

Well, Here I Am On The Road. It'll Be After Midnight When I Get Home So I Thought I'd Pull Off And Give You A Quick Tease Of What I Snatched! Status: Half Way Home!


I don't really scour the KC craigslist very often anymore. That drive is pretty long so you know I must have found something pretty good to waste my whole day driving! Your assumption would be correct, but alas I didn't have time to take proper pics so this'll have to suffice.


Earlier this week I spotted something pretty cool while just wasting some time just poking

around the Kansas City craigslist. I was intrigued enough to start making plans in my head

to make the drive out, but if I was going I figured I should try and make it a bundled trip and

bring home as much as I could. That's when I started digging deep into their list and

started saving potential buys in a new "favorites" folder. One besides the initial find was

especially interesting and made the final cut.


I emailed the sellers and made tentative plans with them as I still wasn't sure I was going to

be able to make the drive and didn't want to tie them down to selling to me if I couldn't go.

Then Saturday I knew I was going so I firmed up plans with the sellers. After a family BBQ

this early afternoon I hit the road and have been driving ever since! Well, I did stop just

before sunset to shoot some obscure pics for you to mull over. A couple of people already

know what I was driving all day for, but can anyone else give me the designers of what you



I should be home safe and soon but right now I'm only about half way there, so I gotta leave

you with this. I'll have proper photos and blog posts on everything I scooped up soon. Hope

you had a good weekend of snatchin' too!


  1. The curly legs look like a Maison Jansen rocker we had in the store several months back, and I'm going to venture Poul Kjaerholm on the second (a PK24?).

    1. Hi Dana.

      Ding Ding Ding!!! You got it right away!

    2. Sweet haul!!! It was definitely worth the drive.