Sunday, August 11, 2013

This Post Is Not About The Crazy Red Hoop Chair That Probably Caught Your Attention Right Away, But About The Pair Of Hairpin Tray Tables To Each Side Of It. Status: Flea Find For The Booth.


I featured the Hoop chairs way long ago here on Mr. Modtomic.  I had three of them but dropped one off at The Shag a while back and it got snatched up quick.  One of these day's I'll get around to cleaning the other pair up and plop them in the booth too, for's the pair of hairpin stacking snack tables that are headed down.


We didn't get out to the Wentzville flea this weekend, even though it would have been a perfect

morning for such.  Instead, we slept off a wonderful evening of friends, food and drink.  We spent a

lovely evening Saturday in the South Grand area having dinner and a tiki drinks at The King & I Thai

restaurant with good friends Nick (of Mid Century Midwest) and his Girlfriend.  After the good food

and Strong drink we made our way down the street to Rocket Century to celebrate their One Year

Anniversary.  If you haven't been there, let me tell's a lovely and well curated shop and you're

not gonna find a nicer shop keep than Kristina to talk all things vintage modern.  And I'm not just

saying nice things 'cuz of all the free Chardonnay I was plied with!


So yeah, I'm apparently not a kid anymore and can't hardly drink anything without waking up with a

raging headache.  So Wentzville was out of the question.  Sleep was much more important.  And

anyway, I still hadn't shown you these great stacking snack / tray tables from last weekends

Wentzville flea adventure yet!  These are in such great condition for it's age.  No rust at all and the

paint isn't chipping off or anything.  They may have been repainted at some point, they look so good.

They are headed to the booth (#5) at The Green Shag Market soon along with some other choice

items that I've got to get tagged up. 


I've got some plans in the works to get some sort of apparatus in place to start hanging items up off

the floor. I've been inspired by a few other vendors who are obviously much more clever than I and

are taking advantage of their "air space". Slacker no more...I am jumping on the band wagon and will

soon have even MORE amazing and fantastical items to temp you in my booth space! Maybe as soon

as next weekend even. Stop by and see how it's coming along!


  1. Love those side tables! I just ordered some hairpin legs to make a console table for my back porch and I'm thinking those tables might fit in out there. I wonder how many hairpin legs are too many? Or can there never be too many? Great find. Cheers - CT

    1. Hi CT.

      These beauties will be in the booth by Saturday if you wanna check 'em out. I got a nuce little lot of utems that I need to tag up and take down.