Friday, August 2, 2013

Earlier This Week I Featured Not One But TWO Cow Hide Rugs On The Boise ID Edition Of Not My Turf. Today I'm Showing That Mr. M Puts His Money Where His Blogging Mouth Is! Status: Doubled Down On The Hide.


This cow hide rug was the only craigslist purchase I made during our entire vacation. I didn't do much hunting but I did pass on checking out a set of six dining chairs in Key Largo that seriously smacked of Gio Ponti. This I snagged on the fly while passing near Tampa FL.


Yeah, we stopped for a quick breakfast at a little diner about 20 miles south of Tampa and out came the phone. First I had to figure out where we even were but within minutes I had this big guy tied down. The seller was moving and motivated so the price was right ($50) and she was ready to meet whenever we were. The drive was a little bit out of our way but that's half the fun of roadtrips...seeing what you wouldn't have without the unplanned detours. The seller was moving out of a sprawling ranch style house that was mostly empty but I could imagine that she probably had some pretty swanky pieces in there, especially if the cow hide was the dregs!


The seller also had dogs, and as a result this rug needs to be cleaned of dog hair. Other issues include a couple of repairs / patches (which I am told is common) and the ubiquitous rolled edges. I'm pretty sure I read something somewhere about how to flatten a hide rug and I'll be looking that back up soon. My other cow hide rug has a slightly different issue in that it had been folded over once in each direction and retained the folds pretty obviously after being spread out. It's been spread out on the (radiant heated) floor in the spare bedroom for about two years now so it might be fine now...I'll just have to excavate that room and find out!

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  1. Okay, now I'm just gonna have to start trolling my local CL for cowhide. My husband will probably not be terribly pleased by this development.