Saturday, May 19, 2012

Oh My Stars! What's This? More Franciscan Starburst Dinnerware For The China Cabinet? Yes, Virginia...Craigslist Does Provide! Status: Taken.


A nice lot of Franciscan Starburst dinnerware popped up on craigslist a few days ago and although not stupid bargain priced, I thought for sure they would be snatched up tout de suite.  I even called a friend of mine who also collects the Starburst (Illuminate) to give her a heads up as her collection isn't yet as sizable as Mr. Modtomic's.

Well, they were still available Friday afternoon and I just couldn't stand it!  I shot a text off to

confirm that the set was still available and began a short correspondence with the seller.  There

are 38 pieces total (cups and saucers counted as separate pieces) but there were a few bits

with issues.  Still, at only $165 (seller knocked off a few bucks for a damaged cup that I noticed

during our meetup) I feel like I got a pretty good deal.  With a good deal of diligence one could

maybe put this together for that on eBay...maybe.  But I got the option to handle the set before

purchase...Hah!  I win.


Gotta tell ya, these five Berry Bowls were a big plus for me.  When Illuminate and I split up the

estate sale set a while back she got a big group of Berry Bowls as I didn't want to lay claim to

ALL the best pieces of that collection.  I got plenty from that lot including 8 Coupe Bowls, 4

Grand Mugs and a Covered Butter Dish


I've already got most of these pieces in my collection. In fact, the number of dinner plates I've

got now is getting kinda embarrassing!  Maybe I'll take some down to the plate shop on

Cherokee Street to trade for some bits I don't yet an Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set or

(dare to dream) a Teapot.


Unfortunately, there were three damaged pieces in this latest lot. Most folks would NEVER even

notice these issues but I'm kinda freaky about my dishes. Even though I'll probably never actually

USE any of my Starburst, I can't have cracked, chipped or even lightly stained pieces in with

the rest.


I spotted the cracked cup and the stained saucer (thought it might clean off) during the purchase

but totally wasn't worried about it and I only absentmindedly made mention of the cup. The seller

offered me a refund of a couple of bucks for the cup after I had happily paid full (well, almost

"full"...I was short $3 exact change and the seller was fine with it) asking price for the set. I

graciously accepted, but never would have asked. I didn't notice the chipped saucer until this

morning when I got everything out to photograph. Big deal...I've only got about 5 or 6 extra

cupless saucers anyway! You almost can't GIVE the saucers away!  This all ads up to a  

phenomenally complete setting for Four, a seriously great complete setting for Eight or a nice

complete setting for something like Twenty Four.  Crazy right?



  1. What a bargain! This stuff is seriously cool- I'm enjoying scouring antiques malls in the Midwest for it. I seem to have moved on from my Russel Wright fixation to Starburst and Libbey Atomic Fish glassware.
    Only problem is I live in the UK and only go to the States twice a year!

    1. Hi Henry. Oh, the REAL bargain was my initial set that I got at the goodwill. It was less than $40 and had 6 perfect crescent / eyebrow dishes, as well as tons of dinner plates, teacups, saucers, desert plates, etc. I'm a big Libbey fish glass fan too!

  2. I found a set with lots of big plates, tea cups, lil plates, casserole dish, big serving dish...all for under $10. I was in heaven. I love this set, good find!!!

    1. Hi Keyse. Wow, I've heard of some killer deals on Starburst but that one sounds like the best! I had no idea what I was buying when I found my initial set. I almost talked myself out of buying it too!

  3. It still isn't a bad price though.. I almost thought about purchasing it and then selling the pieces I didn't need but.. circumstances. I'm glad you got them!

  4. Got a tip from a dealer in Grand Haven that ( for some reason) good Starburst hunting ground is in the Flint area... any thoughts?
    Talking of bargains, last year I found a set of 12 Russel Wright eclipse glasses in near perfect condition for about $50 , marked as 'cool Eames era'. I gulped, double checked the price , paid, and got out of that antiques mall with those beauties before anybody could aprehend me for grand larceny.

  5. Got a tip from a dealer in Grand Haven that ( for some reason) good Starburst hunting ground is in the Flint area... any thoughts?
    Talking of bargains, last year I found a set of 12 Russel Wright eclipse glasses in near perfect condition for about $50 , marked as 'cool Eames era'. I gulped, double checked the price , paid, and got out of that antiques mall with those beauties before anybody could aprehend me for grand larceny.

  6. What a find. I have and use several sets of Starburst on a daily basis. I love them.

  7. I'd never heard of Franciscan until today. I found a set of Hacienda Gold at my thrift shop for $10. I thought it was pretty (a nice cheerful yellow inside and a pretty sort of atomic flower pattern on the plates). It came with 9 cups, 5 sauces, 4 bread and butter plates, 5 dinner plates, 2 soup bowls, 2 fruit bowls and a creamer. Anyone know much about the Hacienda pattern?

  8. I have some Starburst pieces that I found at an antique shop in Chatham, VA a few years ago and I love them. The plates, however, have utensil marks on them. Is there any way to remove those?

    1. Some swear by Bar Keeper's Friend, others say a Magic Eraser will work wonders. I've not tried either. Proceed with caution.

  9. Wow, some real finds among you. I got a set of four dinner plates, four soup/salad bowls, four berry bowls, four teacups, and four saucers, plus one syrup (?...larger than creamer, smaller than pitcher) for $125 ten years ago and it was the best money I've ever spent. They're my everyday dishes, and they're amazingly sturdy. An ex-boyfriend (wonder why he's an ex?) chipped a plate with a careless toss into the sink, and I dropped a berry bowl and it shattered (and cried for a week).

    I find a gentle scrub with a bit of dish soap and a crocheted-plastic scrubbie takes out the marks if I'm a bit too zealous with the fork while making salad dressing. The utensil marks are typically the metal scraping off on the stoneware rather than vice versa.

  10. I have a set of Starburst that I am selling if interested.

    1. Can you tell us where ya at, what ya got and how to get in touch with ya?

  11. We're looking for a set here in southern california, could we get some more details please? Get back to me at

  12. Hi- I have a bunch of this stuff for sale on Craigslist San Diego. If you want it maybe we can figure out a fair price as it would have to be shipped to you. Any interest? Email me:

  13. Hi, My grandfather worked for Gladding,Mcbean Inc. My mother won some kind of contest way back when , a complete set of the new line of dinnerware.She chose Starburst,which I grew up eating off of.
    No tall mugs left as my dad used to drink his coffee while driving to work in his 57 Volkswagen,leaving the mugs on the floorboard and they eventually all wound up chipped,cracked.Our dining room table was A white oval Eero Saarinen with tulip chairs ,actually looking at it right now.Anyway I have alot of
    mid-century items I'm letting go of.In Starburst .I have at least 12 dinnerplates ,8 salad,8soup small,10cupsand saucers[the low ones] a few mediums,serving platter, split bowl,creamer,sugar..Dmod furn and lamps and I'm reasonable Letmeknow

  14. Franciscan Atomic Starburst for sale if anyone is interested.
    Set includes:
    8 dinner plates; 8 salad plates; 8 bread plates; 8 fruit bowls; 8 teacups with saucers; sugar bowl with lid; butter dish with cover; creamer (has a small chip on lip of creamer; oval vegetable bowl(8"); and serving platter (15"). I can send pictures of the dinnerware if anyone is interested
    my email address is

  15. I have a set that has been in the attic for over twenty years, my mother/father's bridal pattern in 1954.
    I am moving and need to sell the whole set soon or it goes to Here is a complete list.
    Please email me if interested at
    Pattern: Franciscan Made in the USA
    Description Item No Quanity Condition
    Dinner Plate (10 -11") DP 8 Excellent
    Dinner Plate (10 -11") DP 3 Minor Chip on edge
    Ashtray small (3"x4") ASH 11 Excellent
    Flat Cup (2.25" high x3.5" wide, n/i handle) + Saucer CSFL 9 Excellent
    Small Mug or Coffee Cup (3" h x 3"w n/i handle) MUG 7 Excellent
    Crescent Salad Plate, 9.5 SPC 8 Excellent
    Oversized Salt & Pepper Set 6"h x 2.5"w SAPOS 1 Excellent
    Salt and Pepper Set 3.75"h x 2.25" w SAP 1 Excellent
    Small Sugar w/o lid SUB 1 Excellent
    Vinegar and Oil with Stopper (Lettering) VO 1 Excellent
    Open Syrup 5.5" h x 3" w SYRO 1 Excellent
    Snack Plate cups(6 ounce China Juice Tumbler) 3.5"h x 3" w at opening TUMJ6 8 Excellent
    Snack Plate with cup ring 13" long x 7.25" w at widest part. SNPLA 8 Excellent
    Bread and Butter Plates ~ 6.5" round BB 15 Excellent
    Cup Saucers ~ 6.5" round SAU 6 Excellent
    Salad Plate ~ 8.5" round SP 12 Excellent
    Salad Plate ~ 8.5" round 1 Minor chip on rim
    Fruit/Desert Bowl ~ 5" round FR 3 Excellent
    Fruit/Desert Bowl ~ 5" round FR 1 Each has a chip on rim
    Coupe Cereal Salad Bowl ~ 7" round CERC 3 Excellent
    Coupe Cereal Salad Bowl ~ 7" round CERC 3 Each has a chip on rim, some very small.
    Butter dish with cover BD4 1 Excellent
    Candle Holder, Single CNS 1 Excellent
    Round Bowl w indent for handles and and fitted Lids ~ 8.5" round C1BV 2 Excellent
    Large Salad Bowl 3.5" h x 12" dia SB12 1 Excellent
    Divided Round Bowl w indent for handles ~ 8.5" round RDV 2 Excellent
    Round Bowl w indent for handles and fitted Lid ~ 10.5" round C2BV 1 Excellent
    Round Platter ~ 13.5" Dia CH13 1 Excellent
    Oval Bowl - 8.25" L x 6.25"w OV8 2 Excellent
    Gravy Boat With Attached Underplate GB 2 Excellent
    Med Pitcher ~ 7.5" h x 3.75" W, 32 oz PIT32 2 Excellent
    Tea Pot w/Lid TP 1 Excellent
    Coffee Pot w/Lid CP 1 Excellent
    Gravy Lattle LAGM2 1 Excellent
    Retails for just over $5700, will sell for $2500
    Thanks Liz

    1. If you still have this would you consider holding this for a few more months? My first post is below, but the little girl in me wants these memories back. I know this post is almost a year old and it's a long shot, but I have to go for it. I hope I didn't break any roles by posting my email in a comment.

  16. I have been searching in IL for this pattern. My Yiayia had this and ithas been a missionm of mine to find an inexpensive set it at least a setting for 4. If anyone has leads or is willing to part with theirs please let me know. Jamie

  17. I have nearly an entire set inherited from my Great Aunt...I can list them all, but there are at least 8-10 place settings of everything in almost perfect condition. I don't think my aunt and uncle used these much, but they also have ash trays and other unusual pieces. Please email me at if anyone is interested. (I live in Northern California and am willing to meet in the Bay Area or Sacramento Area.)

  18. I have a 3 part relish dish and divided bowl I'm selling. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

  19. i also have a complete set of all, including ashtray. only problem is i live in kona hawaii.