Sunday, May 13, 2012

Picked Up Some More "Stock" Today. Not Much Else Going On...Spent The Day Mother's Day Shoppin'. Status: "Mall"ed Out.


This was it for vintage finds today. We hit the thrifts on Lindbergh (North Co.) almost as an afterthought and I'm sure they had been thoroughly scavenged before we made our way there. We did find the Home Goods "store" though, where one can purchase new Verichron clocks.

Two birds, one stone. We payed a reluctant visit to the gigantic mall, the Mills, today. One;

mothers day is...well, today (Happy Mother's Day Mom!) and we wanted to see if maybe we

could find some gifts for the moms, two; the internets said there was a Home Good store there.

Diana had commented that Home Goods sell the George Nelson reproduction clocks by

Verichron, I wanted to check it out. Turns out the "Home Goods Store" in the Mills mall is

actually a Marshalls store. We only figured this out by accident. When the address (suite 645)

turned out to be a Marshalls I thought that the Home Goods had simply moved out and

Marshalls moved in. Not so. Turns out that Marshalls hosts Home Goods. There was one

Nelson "spike" clock available at about $35 but I didn't buy it. I just wanted to see if the

rumors were true!


After getting some chow we returned home but decided to stop at the three thrift stores on

Lindbergh blvd and see what we could dig up. I was just hoping to score some cheap shorts for

summer. This large scale sofa size print wasn't going to be left behind though!


I bought this solely to sell again at a little upcoming sale at the Green Shag. This and plenty of

other pieces of my "stock" will be available (many that have not been listed on my craigslist ads!)

on JUNE 2 in the parking lot.  I hope to meet many of you there!  Come and have your picture

taken with Mr. Modtomic!   There should be plenty of Vintage Modern vendors.  I think that

Rocket Century is planning on setting up and I'm trying to get Nick (of Mid-Century Midwest)

to set up as well.


This print is somewhat unusual in that the subject looks to be a busy Hong Kong intersection.  It

took me a little minute to figure that out.  The "crows nest" reminded me of one of my favorite

movies: Kung Fu Hustle.  There's a part where the main character sorta hides out to heal himself

in one of these traffic stands.  That, the sketchy Chinese characters and the man pulling a rickshaw

all lead me to believe this is Hong Kong.  But it's just a guess.  I can easily make out the

"Thompson" but what is that first initial?  "K" maybe?


  1. That's a very interesting print, congratulations for the find.

  2. Cool find, Mr. Mod. Not sure if I'm going to get a booth at the Green Shag yet, but I'm definitely gonna be there regardless. Can't wait!

    1. Hi Nick. Bring some stuff! I'll have plenty of space...well, I'll have some space....I'll make a little space for ya. Probably. Just bring some stuff.

  3. This would be a great excuse for a road trip if I didn't have tons of stuff going on that weekend...maybe next time... thanks for the heads up!

    1. Hi Allie. No No! Come To The Sale! Come To The Sale! That other'll be there when you get back. Road trips are awesome and super fun! Think of all the beef jerky and potato chips you'll get to eat in the car!