Saturday, May 12, 2012

While Out Messing Around At The Local Thrifts Last Week I Managed To Not Only Shoot Some Pics For Ya But Also Pick Up A Few Items. Status: Throw It On The Pile.


Another flip clock. Another Tiki mug. More Frankoma. Wow...I have no spine. At least it didn't cost much!


Cool flip clock, huh? Unfortunately the clock didn't start right up. I've managed to get other flip

clocks going again and I'll take the case off this one and see what I can do for it, but if it don't

work I'll just set it at 5:30pm and it near the bar. Happy hour!


A wooden Tiki mug. Doesn't sound too sanitary to me. Good place for change. Again...

strategically placed near the bar maybe it'll magically fill with tips!


A dozen pieces of Frankoma for just a couple of bucks? Yes please. Unfortunately there were 5

chipped pieces. Still a bargain. They'll make a nice addition to the Frankoma collection.


  1. Yes! I'm totally on board with the happy hour clock and the tiki tip cup! Good uses for both items! Frankoma... if it ever gets the "press" (it deserves) it will become out of our price range. Like Franciscan ware. Lordy help us if Melmac gets popular! Who decides this anyway?
    Luckily, I bought (put together) a large set of Temporama dishes. Pricey for me a couple years ago but, hoping it will be even more valuable someday. Not that I would sell it...
    Sorry, I'm a "dish freak"!

    1. Hi Kathryn. If the Frankoma does happen to ever get that press...well, I'm ready! I gots plenty. I wish I could but together a better collection of Temporama, I just have a few pieces. I got lots of it's lesser cousin, Jamaica Bay.

      And you Kathryn, are in good company. I too am a dish freak!