Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Sunday Thrift Outing Revealed A Couple Of Nice Items. One For My Booth - One For Mother Modtomic's Booth. Status: Available June 2 (at the parking lot sale Green Shag Market blah blah blah)


What is it now...9 days and counting? This little beauty - along with much else - will be made available at the big arse Parking Lot Sale at the Green Shag Market on Saturday June 2. I was gonna bring that china cabinet from Wednesday but it go bye bye today. Not to worry, there will still be plenty of other goodies to be had. Like this purdy lil Quartite Lamp!


Oh, I know...I'm such a tease. You wanna just SEE it already don't ya!  What fun is that?  I

picked this bad boy up at the Goodwill last Sunday just after a quick breakfast at the Waffle

House.  It was an unusually good pickin' Sunday at the Goodwill.  I don't usually find much on

Sundays as that's a day that everybody gets out and gets there thrift on.


The perfect trio of retro colors!  And the finish is in really good shape.  It's so nice to find a lamp

like this at the Goodwill that has survived the process.  I don't think that a lot of love is lavished

upon the "old junk" that gets donated.  But this, somehow, made it through relatively unscathed!


Even the lampshade made it through undamaged.  THAT is amazing!  I get worried that I'll crush

the shade just getting a lamp Home!  But I was made it.  Messing it up after surviving

so long would just be a tragedy.  Ok  Here's some picks of the WHOLE lamp!


Ooohhh...ain't that just spectacular? Don't ya just NEED this for your living room....bedroom.....

BATHroom? Hey, I'm not here to judge. Put some scratch in my hand and put it where ya need

some light! I think it'll even work with a three way bulb. Oh, and it comes fully equipped with an

incandescent OLD SCHOOL bulb! Won't be long before those are collectible!


So what did I pick up for the Mom-tomic? Well folks, it's a beautiful and comfy vintage chaise

lounge! This was such a bargain and it's right up the Mom unit's alley, there was no way it was

getting left behind.


I got word from her recently that she too has put in a request for a booth space at the Green

Shag Market! Oh snap. The whole Modtomic family is gonna be up in the joint! She's gonna take

this pretty nice chaise lounge and work some crazy Mom magic on it and it's gonna look

AMAZING. Maybe a booth space will open up soon and she'll be able to make it available at the

Green Shag when it's done!


  1. Good luck with your booth. I think you'll really enjoy having a space to sell out of...and the girlfriend will enjoy being able to park in the garage. :)

    1. Hi Dana. Park in the Garage...don't get her started. She don't really care...except that I said that she'd be able to as soon as we move all the furniture in from the garage (when we first moved in here). It don't look good for garage parkin'.

  2. The lamp is killer. I have one similar to it and I just love the contrast in texture. And the chaise lounge is divine - I don't know what crazy Mom magic she is going to perform on it as it looks pretty good already but I bet it will be drop dead gorgeous when she's through!

    1. Hi HT. I delivered the lounge to Mom-tomic today. Doesn't look like there's gonna be any Mom-tomic Magic being levied upon the lounge. She's pretty sure she'll get a good flip out of it as-is. Boo. I wanted to show off her prowess!

  3. Wow! Didn't know the whole family was involved. That's a lovely lounge and I'm sure she'll enjoy it immensely. Wish I could get my family into this stuff. We'd have the Nickarmadillo army out hitting the thrifts at all times.

    1. Hi Nick. Had fun today at the Wentzville Flea! Good scores all around. And you got to meet the Mom-tomic. It does run in the DNA.

  4. Quartite made some great lamps and this is one fine example! They always move fast in the store. We have a family affair going as well. My wife owns Sherrys Yesterdaze Vintage clothing and collectables and I own, of course, A Modern Line here in Tampa. We are only about 11 blocks apart. The trouble with having two collecters under one roof? The house always looks like a staging area for one store or the other.

    1. Hi A Mod. Both Nick and I passed on a nice one out at the Wentzville Flea Market today cuz it was sans shade. It's just so hard to find vintage shades in good condition and new shades in both the proper shape and at a reasonable price! Two collector / dealers in one house? Sounds good to me! Then I'd be able to blame the disaster area on her sometimes!