Monday, May 14, 2012

Mr. Mod. Makes A Pass Through MoMod. Mothers Day On The South Side. Status: Fresh Stock.


The Girlfriend and I met with the Moms downtown this (late) morning for a Mothers Day brunch. Good foods were had and the weather was just nice enough that we were able to sit outside. The getting out of bed early (Mr. Modtomic is so not a morning person) kinda kicked my butt, but I still had just enough juice left to make a little trip to the MoModerne showroom in South City.

Wouldn't you just love to be taking an aimless stroll along a nice tree lined street and happen

across a shop with a little red sign like that! What else could be in the offing but your favorite

home decor goodies? Let's look around inside.


There were a few items still available from our first tour but there has been quite a turnover. I

know that Anna and Luby picked up a Herman Miller lounge and ottoman (genuine article) at a

recent estate sale and was hoping to get a chance to plant my posterior in it for a moment. No

such luck. It was already gone.


Still, there were plenty other whatnots to spread my vintage modern lust amongst. Some of these

items I recognize from estate sales that I've not attended but saw advertised recently. Brings a

little tinge of envy to see them NOT cluttering up the Garage. Who am I kidding! One CAN, in

fact, have too much of a good thing...and to move toward a remedy for the situation Mr.

Modtomic will be setting up two lot spaces at the Green Shag Market's parking lot sale on June

2nd. Mark your calendars. Hopefully MoModerne will be setting up a space as well.


That there are so many places here in St. Louis to curate your own personal collection of vintage

modern abundance, and at modest Mid West prices, that I've met buyers from as far away as

Knoxville Tn., Minneapolis Mn., Chicago Ill., Kansas City Mo. and Jackson Ms.  All the shops

seem to keep distinctive styles so dropping in on each doesn't seem like you're just looking at the

same old stuff over and over.  Toss in the antique malls both massive and modest for those who

like to a bit of hunting / gathering and the local flea markets for those truly adventurous and you

have a vintage modern pickers paradise!


And of course should any of Mr. Modtomics fabulous readers decide to make a trip to the StL,

they could rest assured that I'd do my best to make sure they are able to easily find places to

eat, drink and be merry! I love to pass on recommendations for our favorite places to eat and

there is no shortage of great watering holes around town. Can't help ya with a place to stay but

other than that, what more do you need?


  1. Once again... the abundance of awesome vintage stuff 6 hours away is killing me. One of these days I'll rent a van and move all that cool loot back with me. You are so lucky to live in such a vintage utopia!

    We have this AMAZING house for sale in our neighborhood so that's some consolation...

    1. That house is sick! I dream of houses like that. Thanks for sharing

    2. Hi Allie. It's all here waiting for your! It's calling you! It needs you to come take it all home! (visualize a black and white slowly spinning vortex to complete the hypnosis)

      Hi Anony. And yes that is a pretty cool house! Maybe we can all put our dough together...

  2. From perusing their site in the past, their prices seem outrageously high. Were there any decent prices there on any of the items? It looked as if they only dealt with the higher end retro items.

    1. Hi Anony. The prices are relative. They aren't generally selling project pieces or stuff that needs work. The prices are obviously going to be higher than if you are snatching the same items up off of craigslist or estate sales but then You have to do all the legwork and suffer the possibility of loosing out to another buyer and then have to clean it up yourself. The Drexel Declaration bedroom pieces were priced very reasonably (IMHO). I wasn't really looking at the prices while I was there. But's not the place you go to look for a's the place you go to find that piece you can't live without!

  3. MoModern has the best prices of any retro/danish/mid century store in the St. Louis area. And they're stock is always rotating unlike the other stores around town.

    1. Hi D. I dunno, I think Gus gives them a good run for their money. At any rate, I think most of our shops are priced better than similar shops in Chicago and the coasts. In that respect we are pretty lucky!

  4. I've been eyeing up that teak credenza forever. Man, I wish I could swing it, but looks like I'll have to keep playing the Craigslist/thrift waiting game.

    1. Hi Nick. It might be worth your time to go make an offer on it. It's been in there a little while and it is a great piece!

  5. I have been to MoModerne several times since they have opened and i think their prices are really fair. Their layout is outstanding. no clutter, no dust, and always changing! I think they have a great selection of some higher end pieces that are priced very fair and reasonable. i also like that they have a facebook page so i can see what new items are going to be in store when i get there, before i get there! i highly recommend everyone stopping by. great photos btw :)

    1. Hi Anony. They do seem to move the stock. And yeah, it's nice to be able to look around without the fear that you'll knock something (that you don't wanna pay for!) over.

  6. Prices can be really subjective. If you're willing to put in a lot of extra hours/work and to wait until you come across the good stuff, it can be had much cheaper. It all depends how much your time is worth. Personally, I'm young and cheap, so mine is very expendable.