Thursday, May 17, 2012

So What's Behind The Curtain? Is It A Secret? A Surprise Maybe? Well, Things ARE Getting Exciting 'Round Here! Status: !!!


"So what is it?!" you might be asking. What's this all about? Excitement? Could it be...could it really be? Oh, my through and read on for the scoop...and to see more pics of these loverly curtains!

I found these curtains at the Goodwill just down the street about a week ago. Three panels? Isn't

that weird? I looked too. Looked and looked. I thought surely there would be one more panel.

Nope. Urgh. Torture. Find something really cool but not a complete set? Grrrrr. Three panels...

::shakes head::


How cool are these panels though! And they are in excellent shape. They are nice and long too.

I guess if one had short windows to cover they could be halved to make six short panels. Wouldn't

a pair of these in front of a kitchen window be spectacular?


Oh, the big secret. Well, guess what...Mr. Modtomic isn't going to just be hawking his wares at

the Big 'Ol Green Shag Parking Lot Flea Market Sale...Oh No. I just found out last night that a

booth space has opened up at the Green Shag and it has Mr. Modtomic's name all over it! I put

an application in a couple of weeks after that first tour I took you on but the place had already

filled up. I was really hoping to be able to get this going for the summer! Lucked out!


On top of that the booth space becomes available the Thursday before the Parking Lot Sale on

June 2nd so I can bring a load or two down before the sale ensuring I have plenty of "stock" on

hand. And whatever don't get sold right away...well it goes in the booth space. Sigh, I won't be

packing everything back up to bring home and stuff back into the garage!


Oh...and what's behind the curtains? Why, that's just lil ol' Frank! I opened up his hatch and

clipped the panels to it so show them off in the beautiful sunlight this morning. We've been having

some amazing weather here in the Midwest. I certainly hope it holds out just a few more weeks!


  1. Congrats on the booth space!! That's excellent news!

    Oh, and yes, those curtains are fab, too! :)

    1. Hi Diana. Thank ya! I appreciate it so much!

  2. Killer cutains! I guess you can keep the lawnmower in the garage after all! And that extra space? I'm guessing it won't be empty long... ;)

    1. Hi A Mod. That lawnmower was a big deal when I bought it. I did lots of looking and comparing. It had to have a Honda engine and no self propel. Believe it or not, that's a tough bill to fill. I wanted reliability. And I bought it NEW...and paid like $300 for it! But....I set the self returning choke, pull the chord ONCE and the thing starts up and stays running 'til I'm done. Worth ever one of those $300. And yeah...for realz, that garage won't be slightly less full for long.

  3. Congratulations on getting a booth at the Green Shag!! Chris and I are can't wait to come have a look see around.


    1. Hi CCs. I can't hardly wait to start filling it up! I'm already filling it up in my brain.

  4. Guess I might see you there. I got a booth at the Green Shag when you first blogged about it (#53). I'm sure you'll have a great time with it! And it does help clear out space, until you realize, "Hey, I've got more space." Good luck!

    1. Hi Stacy. OMG! We are so gonna be Antique Mall Buddies! I'm sure we'll be bumping into each other all the time. I'm gonna try to be good with the "extra" space.