Monday, May 28, 2012

We Left The Salvation Army And The Sold Set Of Brasilia Behind Stopping At The Goodwill With A Sour Puss Only To Find... Status: Blam!


This AMAZING retro lamp helped to ease the pain of missing out on the Brasilia bedroom set yesterday. This is, hands down, the BEST lamp I've ever found at the thrift stores...and I've found plenty!


This is truly hard to believe. This made it through the machine without getting busted up, bent or

broken! We stopped at the St. Charles Goodwill after suffering bitter disappointment back at the

Salvation Army on Saturday hoping to find at least a little something to salve the pain of missing

out (by mere hours according to Nick, who had been to the same thrift earlier in the day and did

not find the Brasilia yet available!) on the killer bedroom set.


BINGO! The thrift Gods opened their hearts and poured unto me a mountain of blessings...well,

they delivered unto me this Bad *ss retro lamp anyway! This really did make it all better too. I'm

so dang easy! I just couldn't believe that all the "shades" were intact and unbroken! AND it all

works! AND it came with three working bulbs! Check out the three way switch settings. One,

Two or Three bulbs on. Nice.


Overall, it's in pretty good shape. I haven't done ANY cleanup on it At All! It's got enough wear

and tear on it so's you know it's legit but not enough to embarrass itself either. I'm thinking about

including this in the Green Shag Parking Lot Sale next weekend. Any takers out there? Make

sure you get there early to get your hands on this first! June 2 - 9am sharp! Think I might need to

put numbers out while I'm setting up? Since I'll have a booth ostensibly "set up" inside (we'll see)

I think I might be able to "take" a check or credit card but you'll have to pay sales tax inside. I'm

not sure about this, I'll have to talk to the management about it. Sure would be nice though, huh!


  1. Argh!!!! I am so going to have to get myself to St. Louis before I have some kind of fit! You always have the most fabulous luck...but good for deserve it! (for writing one of the most interesting blogs around, complete with eye candy)!

    1. Hi Crystal. There's so much good stuff up here. I think the aerospace industry boom in the '60s helped fuel the buying of what was "contemporary modern" furnishing at the time.

  2. I was so close to stopping by there on Friday evening! Actually changed my mind and turned the car around. Would have scooped it up too. I'm jealous. Good find!

    1. Hi Stacy. Timing is everything! I was out at the Gypsy Caravan with the Girlfriend and her friend and had to leave them behind because I needed to "get to the stuff" quicker! I beat another buyer for a set of nighstands by mere seconds!

    2. I found a matching set today and wondered if you knew who had made these lamps? Mine have 3 different color shades, orange white, and teal

    3. Hi Bjet.

      Sorry, no idea who made this lamp or ones like them. A matched pair? Nice!