Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dropped By Treasure Aisle Today. 'Twas A Fruitful Visit Indeed. Wanna Take A Quick Tour With The Mr.? Status: Well Stocked.


OK, everybody hold hands so no one gets lost.  Now click through and let's have a look around!




There are tons of case goods to be had in some very slick and subtle vintage modern styles.

Need a dresser?  Look no further!  Just inside the front door you'll find half a dozen to

choose from.



The last time I trolled through the Treasure Aisle Antique Mall on Big Bend it was slim pickins.

Not so much this visit.  I was pleasantly surprised by all the good stuff.  I was equally surprised

by how many pictures I took while there.  I love to show you all just every little thing but it takes

forever to edit the pics and upload them all!




But there's just too much stuff.  I be up all night trying to describe all the stuff in the pics.  Just

look them over real careful like and if you see something you just gotta have, well...get your

butt over there and snag it!  I was in kind of a rush as I had just stopped in on my way to pick

up a very cool bedroom set snagged off C-list which will be available very soon.  Stay tuned!






I didn't leave empty handed either.  I picked up the large George Nelson (Repro) clock with the

black balls.  New in the packaging for $55!  Not too shabby.  I picked up a pair of G. N. replica

clocks from this seller a while back on another visit.  They must have the "hook up".





Ah, the ubiquitous primary color nesting mix bowl set.  There's some sort of conspiracy here in

the midwest concerning these.  At every antique mall you visit these are priced at either $65 or

$85!  It's like a flip of the coin as to which.  But now those matched seafoam blue bowls...those

are pretty sweet!  Don't see those every day.



  1. Wow. I bought Lightroom to help me process the photos. Was well worth it. Cut my time like 2000%.

    1. Hi Pam. Really the only thing that I do is ad that "Mr. Modtomic" to all my pics. Some of my older ones have ended up on eBay ads and I decided to "water mark" the new ones. But it does take time. I use Photoshop and I'll bet there is an easier way to do it than the way I've figured out but who knows. I just use too may pics!

    2. Mr. Modtomic:

      You can! You can set up to record your actions (like, putting a watermark on an image, and then resizing and saving it). And then hit batch edit, and it'll do it for ALL the photos you have open.

      Hopefully this will help you:


    3. Hi Rachel. THANK YOU! That is going to save me SO....MUCH.....TIME!!!

  2. I would have come away with a full van there if the pricing was any good at all!! Lots of fun stuff!

    1. Hi A Mod. There are always deals to be had but not everything is a bargain. I'm pretty sure you'd have loaded up that Heywood Wakefield vanity though. I think it was priced at $295. All it was missing was the glass between the two sets of drawers. It even has the Pouffe! Then again, that might have been priced separately...not sure.

  3. Wow! A mall with the caliber of these goods is just not happening in Texas, at least not that I know of! Although we do have some really good MCM stores in Dallas.
    Thanks for all the work you put in your blog, I really like reading about your Craigslist finds. I live in the country in Central Texas, the nearest C-list is 60 to 70 miles away from here...it's what I put up with for only being 16 miles from Warrenton and Round Top...oh well! 8-)

    1. Hi Crystal. I might gots my c-list and antique malls and thrift stores and estate sales but YOU Got First Mondays! One of the biggest Flea Markets around! I've been once. It's hard for me to schedule any vacation on the days it's up and running or I'd go a couple times a year! Please tell me you go every month!

  4. Soooo many good items in your pics! GAH!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Diana. Yeah, I know...I have to force myself to actually SHOP when I'm taking pics because I'll get home later and while going through the pics realize that I should have bought this or that!

  5. I was in there on Sunday and missed that Kroehler sofa. Must be new. They seem to be getting much more turnover lately.

    1. Hi Nick. That sofa was in a booth run by the seller I told you I had talked to while I was there. He was expanding into another space while I was there. I picked up another Coco Joe's from his "smalls" booth.

  6. Ohhhhh sounds like someone snatched up that Broyhill bedroom suit that popped up "untagged" on the 'list yesterday.... :)

    Love going to Treasure Aisle and that Kroehler sofa is amazing!!! I used to live on Gayola right across the street so we were there all the time... Now I live too far out in West Co. to get back very often...