Monday, May 7, 2012

The Auction At Vandeventer Vintage Sunday. Did You Make It? Status: Lots Of Buyers.


We got a late start this morning and scavenged the Wentzville Flea Market and in doing so almost missed the Vintage Modern Auction at Vandeventer Vintage. We still managed to miss maybe the first 20 minutes. I had already scored some good stuff at the flea market so I was set. I just wanted to see how it would go...and report to you!

I didn't bid on much, actually just one item: a floor lamp with a lucite table / magazine holder. I

only halfheartedly bid for it though and didn't win. But stuff was flying out the door and the auction

was over fairly quick. It was run very smoothly and professionally. Watch the short video below

to see what I mean.

Like I said, there were lots of buyers and they weren't shy. There were a few that were snatching

up piece after piece. And lots of the items were going for next to nothin'. Gus wasn't playing

around. No reserve means NO RESERVE...means any bids taken! Oddly enough there were

still some items that didn't get ANY BIDS!


So many people showed up that a number of us tried parking on a closed gas station lot a few

address numbers down the street only to be shooed off by the owner.  Why?  Beats me, but he

wasn't playing around.  He was calling a tow company to remove our cars!  Luckily one of his

acquaintances strolled down to warn us and everybody got their stuff moved before any stupidity

ensued.  The auctioneer even paused long enough for everyone to move their cars.

DSCN7149 DSCN7148

Inside, the party was packed.  Lots of buyers.  I'm hoping that this was a success for Gus.  Some

items sold for perhaps less than he paid for them and some items brought pretty big bids.  It's an

auction.  Pretty much what you'd expect.  I was hoping to score a set of Adrian Pearsall tables

but they got bid up pretty quick.  The McCobb buffet brought a pretty good price too.  I don't

remember the specifics.  But I do know that one particular StL area blogger got her pair of very

special chairs!  I hope to see this happen again in the future.  'Til then, looks like Gus will have to

restock the shop!  Might be a good time to stop by Vandeventer Vintage and see what's new!


  1. Love your blog! I live in the UK but all of my family live in St. Louis. As soon as I heard about the auction, I asked them to go down and bid on an item for me! That's them in the front in all of your pictures! And my Dad's white Chevy pick-up outside the gas station. So funny to see this story make its full loop! I knew they had gone before they have even told me!

    1. Hi Rebecca. Wow! That's really cool that I managed to get your folks all photographed for you! So did they manage to snatch up any good items for you? I certainly hope so. The dealers were taking lots of the good stuff. It's so weird to see dealers buying from dealers. My Mom "deals" in antiquey decor and she sees a lot antique mall dealers buying and selling to each much so that she has been trying to cut that out of her buying routine.

    2. Yes-my only request was the green Willett desk and they got it! My dad remembers selling Willett furniture in his mom's furniture store in the 50's and 60's, so he really loved seeing all of that 'old stuff' again! Yeah, it's tough when you have to beat out the dealers in auctions and estate sales but...I guess they just gotta do what they gotta do. The tables are all topsy-turvy when a dealer decides to hold an auction!!

  2. Oh, I wish I lived in St. Louis! I visited there in 1996 for about 10 days and just loved the city, the food and the thrift stores...I wasn't into MCM back then...but I am now! So Mr. Modtomic, I wonder if you would you please check out my yesterdays blog post to see if you can help me ID a dresser that I bought? Your wisdom would be much appreciated!

    1. Hi Crystal. Make another trip and let me know! I took a look at your dresser. Pretty cool! I like how the base and legs are a different finish than the case. I've got no idea who made it though.

  3. Thanks Mr. Modtomic -- I did get my pair of Hans Wegner style rope chairs (and a pretty sweet arc lamp). I'll blog it up tomorrow. Thanks again for the tip! Cheers - CT

    1. Hi CT. I thought for sure you were going after the Adrian Pearsall tables! I was going to try for them but that bidding got outa hand quick. Enjoy those chairs!

    2. Those tables were gorgeous but yeah, those rocketed right out of my statosphere!

  4. I love Alan the Auctioneer. He is fun to watch. I missed that auction, but it looks like there are more to come.

    1. Hi maxsattic. The auctioneer was a hoot and a holler! I'm really hoping that Gus does this regularly.

  5. We will be holding another auction on June 3rd. We plan to do them on the first Sunday of every month. Thanks to every one who attended! The full catalog will be listed on our Flickr page the Wednesday before the auction.