Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just Look At This Majestic Lane "Perception" China Cabinet. Don't You Need This Modestly Sized Display Piece? Status: Just In And (Holy Cow!) Already Gone.


Sunday proved fruitful even though there was some rain in the afternoon. I managed to get the pair of teak and glass end tables cleaned up and photographed for the blog AND I made a little trip down to south city to pull this out of a basement that the owner needed cleaned out for incoming renters. Yup, basement booty!

It had been listed on craigslist as an Oak china cabinet but I recognized the woven details right

away and just knew it was another piece from the Lane Perception line. OK, full's

not marked "Lane" so I'm not 100% sure about that...but c'mon, it's gotta be...right?


Just check out the woven details on each side of the lower doors. Classic Lane Perception. Plus,

it's subtle enough to "Mesh" (ah ha! get it...mesh?) with tons of other lines and makers. This isn't

high end or anything though. The doors are made of that same super tough stuff that clip boards

used to be made of. The backing is the same sorta paper board but not as heavy duty.


I haven't had time to give it a proper cleaning. I gave a quick once over just before shoot the pics

but it could stand a bit more attention. There are a few edges here and there that have been

rubbed free of stain that could use a little touch up. And then there the chipped and cracked glass

door that I didn't even notice until I got home. How'd I miss that?


Well, when the doors are closed the chipped bit is almost completely hidden. And the rest of the

glass was so clean that I didn't even look for cracks! Oh well. Should the next owner feel it

necessary a new door could easily be made for it at a glass shop. I wouldn't think it would be too

pricey either since it would be a simple shape to cut.


And it's so hard to even see with the door shut! Anyway, the seller (again) was taken aback by

the fact that I hadn't brought a truck or van. "Whoa, you think it'll fit in that little car?"

::sigh:: Well, let's have a look and find out. Of course it fit in Frank! Completely! With the hatch

shut! It's still in there! OK, that last one probably shouldn't have an exclamation point. That's a

little embarrassing.


But it's nice to have a car that you can store a china cabinet inside of! All of this means of course

that I can easily deliver this to YOUR front door...if you live in the immediate St. Louis area that is!

Otherwise, it'll probably end up either at the Parking Lot Sale June 2 or in the Modtomic Mall

Booth, both at the Green Shag Market - 5733 Manchester Ave St. Louis, MO 63110.


  1. WANT!!! I've *never* seen that Perception piece before. Wow, it sure is pretty! Why couldn't St. Louis be as close to Chicago as Milwaukee? *sigh* I hope it goes to a nice home! :-)

    1. Hi Diana. I think it finds a new home tomorrow! Sorry about the 300 mile drive. It's not that bad, really! There a number of great antique malls that you can stop at on your way back home that you can find some great stuff at...if you got any money left after buying up all my great stuff at the Green Shag on June 2 (or the next weekend...or any after that, and so on [shameless, I know]).

  2. stunning!!! I am in the st louis area but sadly no room for furniture :( I'll be buying a house next year and I'm certain that all of my money will be going to you :)

    1. Hi Brittany. I'll be happy to help fill your new joint when the time comes! Make me a wish list!

  3. You are right -- the scale is lovely!

    1. Hi Pam. Who couldn't use a display piece like this? It could even house a flat panel TV if the shelves were to be romoved!

  4. It also would look fine without the glass.

    1. Hi John. 'Tis true! But it looks so nice with it!

  5. Other makers besides Lane did the basketweave thing because it was inspired by Danish furniture. If it is Lane Perception, it must be a very late piece at the end of its run, because I've never seen a piece that wasn't all veneer over hardwood, and the legs and stretcher bar are wrong (should be an open space above the stretcher bar, all one piece with the legs). The Perception brochure shows the 38" china as having two basketwoven sliding doors, with vertical pulls, across the full width below and open shelves with no glass (or grooves for it) above. I suspect it's a lower-cost knockoff from a regional manufacturer in the later 60s or even early 70s.

    1. Hi Anony. I not super sure it absolutely without a doubt is Lane Perception but it still fits. The Lane Perception brochure that I've seen online fails to show the blanket / hope chest that I had a while back so I'm not going to discount the possibility based on that alone. My first (and lasting) thought was that it is a very late production piece that might not have even been labeled as Perception.

    2. Hello, I happened upon this post as I was researching a desk that looks like a Lane "perception" desk. Just to put my opinion in-this piece looks exactly like my Kroehler sideboard. Same weaving and same handles. Very nice piece!

    3. HI - I have a Lane Perception Buffet (model 222-59) and Hutch (model 222-60). It is in very good/excellent condition. It belonged originally to my parents and then to me. I am intersted in selling it. I live in the las vegas area. Lisa