Thursday, May 3, 2012

Anybody Interested In Littering Their Joint With Vintage Modern Bargains? Status: Big Auction Sunday.


Gus, down at Vandeventer Vintage, is having a NO RESERVE (!) auction of nearly 100 vintage modern items at his shop located in mid-town. This could be a golden opportunity to plunder his well curated stock of furniture, art and lighting.

I noticed that there was going to be a sale this weekend at Vandeventer Vintage's location this

weekend (1437 South Vandeventer Saint Louis, MO 63110) while I was perusing the local

upcoming estate sales.  I was a little worried that maybe Gus was giving up on his shop and

asked him what was going on.  He told me that the auction (Sunday at 1pm - preview at Noon

to 1pm)  was not a "going out of business sale" but that he would be having a monthly auction if

this one goes well.

LOTS 88 and 89

The goods are there.  I guess it's up to the buyers to make this a success.  I'm going to be there

for sure.  Even if I don't get anything it should be fun to see how well the auction goes.  Having

the auction Sunday is brilliant.  It doesn't compete for buyers with the estate sales.


With there being almost 100 items available there is going to be a wide variety available from

seating to case goods to glass and pottery. Be sure to look over all the items on the Flickr page

. This looks to be a somewhat smaller but more dense sale than the Ivey Selkirk Modernism

sale I attended last year. Less stuff maybe but fewer sundries to wait through.


The auction is being run by Estate Auction Pros so it should be handled professionally. No getting

up stupid early and waiting outside in the cold or getting eaten by mosquitoes.   And there appears

to be plenty for everybody to be able to take something home for their very own.  All that's missing

is free hotdogs for the kids!  Will I be seeing YOU there?


  1. I'm in! Thanks for the head's up Mr Modtomic! I see a matched pair of somethings that is hopefully destined for my house! Cheers - CT

  2. I will not be there. I live in Cincinnati. This city is lame....

    Keep us updated if he is going to do more auctions- this seems like enough reason to take a road trip!

  3. I'll be there. :) Is this that "Mid Century Modern Auction" that's been up on for a few weeks now?