Friday, September 28, 2012

Looking For Some Cheap Style? Shelly Requested A Perusal Of The San Fransisco Bay Area Craigslist And Let Me Tell Ya, It Was Tougher Than The Cleanup After The 1906 Earthquake! Status: Not My Turf.

San Francisco Earthquake of 1906: Market Street, west of Powell and Fifth Streets, showing area east of Taylor and Powell Streets. This is the main part of the retail district of San Francisco, ca. 1906.

It's that time again. Time to see what can be found in another city at a bargain price on craigslist. This time it's the San Fransisco area. The Girlfriend and I have been out here twice in the last couple years and I know there's good stuff to be had. I managed to bring home an Overman pod chair and a Dorothy Schindele desk the summer we drove there and back, although they weren't craigslist finds.


You'll have to do a little work but here's a Heywood Wakefield drop leaf extension table for

a Break The Bank asking price of $85
. It's not listed as a Heywood Wakefield so it might just

be still available. Shoot A Modern Line a note for info on how to make this beautiful again and

you'll have a stupid cheap treasure!


There's no way to be sure it's vintage but $50 gets you an amazingly stylish all glass coffee

that I'd be happy to snatch up!  The ad says the items on the table aren't available.

Darn.  Don't let that black leather (ette?) sofa scare you off.  You don't have to have a Man

Cave for this to work!


...But wouldn't that glass coffee table go nicely with this Wassily reproduction chair?  This

one is being offered up for only $150
.  That's a pretty good deal.  Seller say's they picked

it up at a flea market and they're moving there may be some wiggle room on

that asking!


If you are looking for an absolute bargain then how about a $15 round coffee table with

taper legs
?  It looks like the finish could use some help but a couple of bucks for a rattle

can of your favorite color and a Saturday would bring the magic back to this guy.  Or go

crazy and actually refinish it!  Either way, it's all sweat equity.


Huh, seems like there's an Eames Lounger knockoff everywhere I look!  Looking at the

prices for other items on the San Fran C-list, I'd have to say that an asking price of $250

is an especial bargain for this lounger and ottoman
.  "Eames" was the only real key word

so this might still be available.


If you are perhaps in need of a large group of Danish style dining chairs you could do worse

than this set of 8 for $350.  That comes out to less than $45 each!  Nice.  And they look like

they are in good condition too.  No idea who designed or made them.  Just your standard

good looking mid'60s Scandinavian dining chairs.


The chairs that are included in this dining set are so wrong that it kinda hurts.  But with an

asking price of just $75 and a large, multi leaf dining table that DOES match
the china cabinet,

you can afford to buy the chairs above to round the set out properly!  Then you can turn

around and sell the included chairs for $75!


Nice!  3 brand new "Bertoa" (Bertoia) barstools for $200.  I'd pilfer that booty!  Who cares

that they must be repros?  Chrome Bertoia chairs and stools look so good.  You'll want to ask

the seller if they are Barstool or Counter height as there is a difference.  I had no idea until I

got asked that about some of my barstools.


Now this is what "Not My Turf" is all about!  $28 for a danish style daybed sofa!  Shazam.

Whoever snatches this baby up will be getting the bargain of the day!  It looks really nice

too, like you could just buy it and drop it straight into your living room!


Lastly, I really like what the seller has done with this dresser.  Don't it really POP?!  I couldn't

use it in my particular joint but I love the idea of it.  The seller is offering it up at only $150 and

I'd say there's $150 worth of effort expended on the new finish!  It takes a certain level of

commitment to live with something like this but I bet it would look great in a childs room!


  1. Yay! I am so amazed at your Craigslist skills -- it blows my mind! I want more of this stuff than I have space for... I'll see what I can get!

  2. Ha! Love it! I live in this area- but had not looked at craigslist today. Honestly, I'm trying to stay away because I already have too much stuff. But that first table... well I might have to make a call. I emailed the "china cabinet" with the awful chairs a few days ago and never heard back. I'm kind of relieved to be honest.
    However, I did snatch up an AMAZING bedroom set from craigs- it's a crazy deal. I have to thank you because I had read your last post so I emailed them twice and offered more. At first I heard nothing- until several days later. It is frustrating dealing with craigs- or creepslist as I sometimes call it, but I have had some incredible finds!

  3. I'm pretty sure the Danish chairs are Poul Volther; I sold a set of six at an auction for $625...