Sunday, September 9, 2012

I've Been Meaning To Get Down To The Central West End And Take Some Pics At Rothschilds Antiques For Quite Some Time. I Finally Made Time Today! Status: Eclectic Selection.


I've only been to Rothschilds Antiques a few times but I've been visiting the shop in the Central West End for years, even before I discovered my lean towards vintage modern.  So I've always known they have an abundance of beautiful old items and that in the mix would be some vintage modern.  So I figured if I stopped by randomly this afternoon I'd find something my lovely readership would find interesting.


So much good stuff in this joint it's spilling out all over the side walk!  There was also a "hand

chair" out here when we first arrived but it got snatched up before I could get back outside to

take a picture of it! Now, don't be fooled by all this retro stuff outside.  Rothschilds deals in

serious antiques.  You can drop some SERIOUS dosh up in here.


True antiques yes, but I like to think I know what you folks wanna see.  Rothschilds Antiques

keeps it real with just about any crowd.  Like retro?  Formica and Pinball!  Likes you some

vintage rustic?  How about some rough hewn dining set and some day of the dead pillows!

Sticking with the vintage modern?  How much are you loving that rug?  Looks like a Rya,

don't it?


See something you like?  Rothschilds is open daily from 10am.  Fridays and Saturdays they

are open until 10pm!  Do you find that as awesome as I do?  There aren't many shops of

ANY kind in the St. Louis area that keep those kind of hours, much less a shop where you

can pick up a dozen globes or an arc lamp.


There's a basement here too.  You'll find all sorts of whatnot down there.  Get down there

and explore.  I love places that keep a bit of whatnot around for those of us who don't mind

digging.  You all know how I feel about basements...(at estate sales) it's where the good

stuff hides from daylight!


So even if you can't get by the Green Shag Market and buy all the cool stuff in Booth 44

or the other fine vendors there or make it here to Rothschilds Antiques in the Central West

because, well...maybe you're not in the St. Louis area (I understand), you should still

get out and check out your local shops, antique malls, thrifts and other various places of

style and environmental conscience!

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  1. Looks like you could spend hours digging through this place. Lots of vintage modern too. How are the prices?