Saturday, September 1, 2012

ANOTHER Day Of Zero Scores. Pfffff... Whateve', Let's Look Around At Some Other People's Stuff At The Green Shag, Shall We? Status: Some Good Stuff Up In Here!


I stopped by another antique mall today and was sorely disappointed by the lack of vintage modern available. The visit made me keenly aware of what a great resource a place like the Green Shag Market is for the Mid West shopper looking for the good stuff.


Booth 35 is the lead-in pic and booth 36 is the photos below. It's nice to see such an eclectic

mix of vintage modern styles. My booth tends to lean toward Mid-Century Modern dark

walnut pieces and Danish Modern but there's lots of other styles in other booths.


Loving the fabric on the chairs. It's got that Missoni look about it. The chairs look fab. The

coffee and corner table too. I might not have gone with shiny black though, it shows every

little imperfection.


Booth 28 - awesome rocking chair! It's got a cane seat if you can't tell from the pics.  You don't

see too many danish style rockers like this out there.  Need one for your nursery?  Better get

down there quick before you miss out!  I doubt you'll find another this nice for that price any

time soon.


Ain't that just about the coolest lounger you ever did see?! rocks too!  It's on a fulcrum

pivot with springs.  I can't believe how little they want for it!  I almost bought it to put in MY

booth for even more!  My prediction?  This will be gone soon.  No way this is gonna gather

any dust at just $98!


I forgot to take pics of the tags but check out that great side table!  It's got an upper tier of

round glass.  It's awesome, bottom line.  And then, on top of it sits a beautiful Eva Zeisel dish. 

Style to spare.  Be aware, these are just some quick examples of what Mr. Modtomic found

fun and interesting.  There's WAY more to pick through and find your own personal style here!


Need to mix things up a bit?  Not dead set on vintage modern?  Maybe you are better at mixing

it up than Mr. Modtomic.  Be sure to visit Mom-tomic's booth 54 and take a looky at her

offerings.  Mr. Modtomic's Mommy has great taste so you're certain to find some great vintage

/ antique goodness you'll just have to take home with ya!


But, of'll wanna stop by booth 44 just to see if you've forgotten to get anything else

before you leave!  It's conveniently located just steps away from the cash register!  Oh, and by

the way...the pod chair on the right is gone.  Sold a couple days ago!  Dropped a bright red

Baumritter Clam Shell Chair and matching Hairpin Leg Stool in there today.


  1. I generally don't like painted vintage furniture, but some things are just too damaged (or too boring) to not be painted. I'd rather see a piece painted than thrown out, and I love that turquoise color #36 used for the matching table/mirror.

    1. Hi Susie.

      I think this vendor is on the right track. I'm a big fan of painted furniture that would maybe otherwise languish in a thrift shop and probably end up in a land fill. It takes some creativity and vision to see a great possibility in some otherwise ugly Mediterranean cabinet!

  2. Yes, mix and match work. I actually did a post on my Mid Century hutch and buffet that were my Grandparents.

    1. Hi Ann.

      I wish I wasn't so focused. When I see it and it works, I love it...but I can't seem to picture it in my mind so well.

  3. Oh man I wish we had vintage shops like that here! That is an unbelievable deal on the Danish rocker. I want!

    1. Hi Beccalina.

      The selection is getting better all the time. And with this being the Mid West, the prices are a little easier on the pocket book!