Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just Got A Couple Of Pieces Of Glassware To Show Ya Today. Some Random Thrift Booty That Found It's Way Here. Status: Wishing I Had More!


A pair of glasses would be about the fewest number I'd pick up unless I already had a collection started of something. Trios are hard for me to buy just because of my own personal OCD issues with such numbers. Four is fine and five is OK because it leaves me with an extra in case of a broken piece. But a pair...that's scary. Gotta be extra careful with a pair!


I've actually got a set of four of the starburst chalices in red that I've posted about a while back. 

I'd show you them, but I can't seem to locate that particular posting at the moment!  Anyway,

these blue goblets will ad a nice variety of color to the collection.  Wouldn't these be great to

fill with a big frozen Margarita?  The silver rimmed "Dorothy Thorpe" style glasses are a bit of

a mystery to me.  What were these designed for?  Champagne?  They certainly have a strange

shape.  I spotted another set of them at an estate sale over the weekend but they didn't have

the silver rim. 


I'm going to hold onto these for a while in the hope that I'll find a few more pieces of each. If

enough time goes by and I don't find more I'll drop the pieces off at the Booth and let another

either fill their collection or start theirs with these.

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