Friday, September 7, 2012

Tuesday Evening Was A Good Evening To Be Mr. Modtomic. Frank Got Stuffed With Both A Florence Knoll Dining Table AND A Broyhill Saga Knee Hole Desk! Status: Craigs-scores!


After I picked up the two ton table Tuesday night after work, I still had to pick up this Broyhill Saga desk that I had already made an appointment to pick up!  That was the bad news (bad news? hey, it was still quite warm out...even at 11pm!), the good news?  It was...

DSCN1707 was FREE! This nice, if not entirely without flaw, Broyhill desk was listed on craigslist

for low low price of Nothing! Three easy payments of Nada! But it did not cost me nothing.

No no. I paid in Sweat Equity my friends.


Like I said, I had already placed a VERY heavy Knoll table base in the back of Frank and a

on the roof rack. I had to crawl up in the back and reposition the base

(with only inches to move up / down and side to side) as far to the front as I could and then I

had to unstrap the top and slide It forward so I could fully open the hatch! I'm beat just

remembering it!


All that work still only let me get about 4/5ths of the desk into the back of Frank. If I had lots

and lots of time and it wasn't so warm out I might have taken more time and got all the lot to fit

proper, but I only had a short drive home so I just cinched the hatch down and hit the road. So

yeah, I paid for it. And I still have to clean it up! It won't be perfect and it's got the wrong

handles, but I think I can still find a happy new home for it!  Finding those four Broyhill chairs

last weekend was certainly fortuitous as I now have a chair for this desk as well as the other

I have available at the Green Shag Market
.  I love it when a plan comes togeher!


  1. Nice find. You can't beat free!

    1. Hi Gary.

      No Doubt! I can't believe no one else grabbed this up before I got to it.

  2. It's a shame someone replaced the pulls but you certainly can't beat the price! Do you see what someone had done to that Brasilia chest I just posted about? Those pulls are way minor and the rest of the desk looks pretty redeemable.

    1. Hi A Mod.

      It is a shame about the handles but now I can look for some that are even more interesting! At least I don't got to strip it, right!