Thursday, September 27, 2012

It Took FIVE E-mails. It Took SEVEN Days. Craigslist Sellers Might Occasionally Drive A Mister A Little Nuts But Sometimes It's Totally Worth It. Status: McDuff The Fluff Says "Word, Happy 800th Post...Yo!".


The "King" was digging the newest "keeper" this morning while I was shooting pics. Of course it took like five minutes for him to finish sniffing it all up and down before he settled down enough to snap a decent photo of him! Inspection done, McDuff gave the new "Egg Chair" the thumbs up. Did I say "Egg Chair"? Oh yes, my friends. Look inside!


Oh, oh my! Oh now, that is quite nice! And it better be. I didn't pay much for this Arne

Jacobsen style Egg Chair but check it out, the seller listed it LAST a week

ago. I - of course - hit the seller with an e-mail almost as soon as the ad dropped...on

Tuesday, eight days ago. I waited...and waited......and waited. No responce. ::sigh:: I just

figured someone else had scored it.


The chair didn't look all that great in the seller photo. It looked more pink or fuchsia and

wasn't well shot. I didn't expect much considering that and the sellers low asking price, but

was kinda taken aback when I finally got to see it in person. Oh Seven Days

after it was listed. Yeah, the seller FINALLY e-mailed me back a few days after my initial

response to the ad (and after I had sent a second e-mail reiterating my interest) telling me

that they'd love to sell me the chair but that their only hours are 8am to 5pm Tue - Fri.

This came on a Sunday. ::shakes head::


Notice that I didn't say that they gave me an address or anything of the like. So I immediately

sent them another e-mail stating that I'd love to pick it up and that I could come by before

work on Tuesday around Noon. I get nothing in return. Not until Tuesday morning at about

8am. THEN I finally get a confirmation and an address. I gotta tell ya, these sellers dragging

me along like this is nerve wracking but it may actually be helping me become a more Zen

like and patient buyer. I've learned that there is quite enough good stuff out there for all of us

who are interested in buying it to go around and that I can more easily accept getting "snaked"

by other buyers and I developed a sense of humor about it. Or maybe I'm just getting old.


So here's the puzzling part. This base. Not like the Friz Hansen / Arne Jacobsen chairs, not at

all. I can't seem to find one like it on the web. Anybody got an idea? Just please don't show

me that it's Effing IKEA. I'd really rather keep this chair. It's solid as a rock. MUCH heavier

than the comparable Overman chairs I've got. There aren't any tags on the chair, at least on

the outside. There are some zippers on the cover and well, who knows...maybe there's a tag

inside? Dunno, I'm not keen on messing with the fit of the cover to check. So since this is my

800th post...maybe somebody help a Mister out?


  1. Congrats on the 800th post! Quite the run! In my searching I didn't see a single 5 legged base anywhere much less anything that looked like yours. Guess you have something rare if not vintage. I'm sure you're still going to do just fine with this. Have any luck identifying your round tables suite?

  2. Ikea stuff is not that nice! Not to worry. Ya got something here. Just wonder what? Happy 800th. How long did that take?

  3. I dont know what I like more, the cat or the chair. Keep up the good work, but leave some stuff for the rest of us! haha

  4. What is the base made of? I'd say check out the label. Could be a reproduction.