Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's The Weekend Baby! Miller Time? In Booth 14 At The Green Shag Market It's ALWAYS Miller Time! Well, At Least Until Somebody Grabs Up This Fab Lighted Clock! Status: Booth 14 - Lookin' Good!


I stopped by the Green Shag Market this evening to assess my MY space (Booth 44) but took a little minute to make a pass through the rest of the antique mall too.  Booth 14 caught my eye as the shop keep really seems to be stepping up their game.  They're definitely bringing the pain these days!


You might remember the pair of orange Overman pod chairs this vendor had in here recently. 

They've sold and been replaced by these fab green vinyl swivel pod chairs.  I looked at the

tags underneath but have already forgotten who makes them.  There's still not A LOT in the

space but all that's there is good stuff.


Look familiar?  I've been looking for a mate to my own Hey / Wake M304G side table for

years!  I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet but my resolve is weakening.  You see, it's not a

perfect match.  I haven't put them side by side but I think mine is lighter.  Dunno for sure. 

Maybe I'll take mine in and compare them.  There was a small dark Paul McCobb table in

another booth a few days ago that got snatched up before I could decide to buy it.  He

who hesitates...and all that.


I know it's Sunday, but the Green Shag is open until 5 today!  If you see something here and

think you might need it to complete your swanky joint, well get off your duff this morning and

get down there!  It might be gone next week (Wednesday) when the Green Shag re-opens. 

Don't be a hesitater / misser outer like me!



  1. Those old beer signs always catch my eye especially with the retro lines. I've never had the pleasure to see the H/W M304 tables in person. Love the lines and this is one of the prettiest of the 300 series tables! I've got 3 of the M308 step ends and a M306 round revolving cocktail but I think these may be going to a new home soon!

  2. What I have my eye on is the party service tray that is on top of your Heywood Wakefield. The colors look very Bauer but I haven't seen this particular piece before and don't remember from the books. LOVE IT.

  3. Do you recall the name of green chairs above yet?

    1. Hi Danw.

      Pretty sure those were Overman chairs.