Sunday, September 2, 2012

No New Goodies Today. Nope...Just Gratuitous Cute Kitty Shots. Status: New Stuff Tomorrow, Promise!


The thrifts...they ain't been good to a Mr. I've had Four straight days of strike outs. I Mean NOTHING! Man that stings. But, I've managed to corral a few good things off craigslist today and I'm fixing up a neat chair so I'll get you the 411 on those tomorrow. Until then, cute pics of King Larry / McDuff.

He likes to be up high on stuff like the McCobb cabinet. I like to think he's got good taste

and likes to surround himself with beautiful an interesting items like me...but his brain is too

small for concepts like "good taste".


On it...he don't care. He's a freak. Always looking for a new "cubby hole" to call his own.

I accidentally left this open after pulling something out to look at it and the next thing I knew...


OMG, it's such tough work being seriously adorable. A kitty's got to get his beauty rest.

Sometimes it's the lounger, sometimes it's the ottoman. I think he likes the coolness of the

vinyl. And of course he just know's how "F"in' cool he looks in this chair.


Looks like I'm MAKING him lay in the guest bath sink, right?! Nope, he can often be found

lounging out in here! Don't let those Sad Sad eyes fool you. He's just wondering what the hell

I'm doing with a camera and tripod while he's trying to relax. Poor put upon kitters.


  1. love the cute kitty shots - I just had a similar post with my kitty Luna who thinks our baby crib is her new bed! the green sink shots are just too much cuteness :)

    1. Hi Miss Macri.

      It's amazing that even with that little bitty brain they so easily figure out who's really "in control" in the house! I guess it only takes scooping that litter a few times before the "ah ha" moment happens.

  2. Oh, he IS seriously cute! I love the first shop - he looks like a "kitty lamp" with light up eyes! And the other shots of him in and on. But the sink shots - I had a huge Maine Coon that also LOVED to get in a sink! In my bedroom in California I had a long counter with sinks at either end, and he knew the sink on the left was HIS! The other was mine!!! He even got in the tiny sink at the vet's and the vet got the biggest kick out of it. He called all the techs in to take a peek. He's gone now, but I have two beautiful girls-a sweet Ragdoll named Johnny Belle Depp and another Maine Coon named Frankie Albertina. Love kitties!!!!!!

    1. Hi Sandie.

      Yeah, in that first shot he looks like he's part of the decor! We had a Mainecoon and while he did like to drink out of the faucet he didn't lounge around in the sink.

  3. What a cutie! And what is it with sinks? One of ours always sits in the bathroom sink too. Must be the cool porcelain they like!