Thursday, September 6, 2012

Almost A FULL Week Of Hitting The Thrifts - And This Is The Take. Curse Of The Smalls? Status: Sad...Just Sad.


I took almost an entire week off around Labor Day and managed to hit almost all of the local thrifts at least once during that time.  It was weird.  I've never had such a losing streak!  As a matter of fact, I didn't even get the iron at a thrift.  I found it, and ONLY it, at the Wentzville Flea!


Well, at least it's a pretty freaking cool iron, right?  I'm weird...I know.  I got a thing for vintage

irons.  ::Shrugg:: I don't understand either.  This Sunbeam Ironmaster is in excellent condition,

except for a crack in the underside of the handle.  It's really hard to see though.  The cord is

pristine.  It's not all brittle or frayed like what you normally find!  Look at that gleaming chrome.



This little gem was actually it for the thrifts. Just a little 8 X 10 Floral Paint By Numbers. This

Was It! 5 days of scrounging every thrift in the area...some more than once! I wasn't being real

picky either. There just wasn't anything worth picking up to be had! It was shocking really.

Maybe it's like this all the time and since I really only hit the thrifts on weekends and the

occasional weekday I don't see it. This just has me wondering though...Have I Bought

Everything Cool To Be Had In St. Louis?!?!


  1. Lolz...Mr. Modtomic, I felt your pain this weekend. I came home with two OK items. I think most of the thrifts around me got ransacked because they were having sales (I'm in the south city/county area.) Honestly, I have the best luck on the weekdays, middle of the day, when all the normal people are at work. Lucky for me that I work irregular hours and can thrift at those times :-P

    1. Hi Suzie.

      I WAS shopping during "off" hours since I had taken a bunch of days off. It was just weird! I accidentally hit Value Village on hoarders stock up day. All those people in there...with carts just FULL of 1/2 price junk.

  2. Sometimes you're hot and other times, meh. Seems like the harder you look the less there is too find. I'm sure the thrifting gods will be with you again soon!

    1. Hi A Mod.

      The thrift God's may have forsaken me temporarily but the C-list gods almost always got my back!

  3. I dig the iron I've seen one like this turned into a lamp

    1. Hi David.

      At first I was like, "A lamp out of an iron?", then the other day I spotted a lamp made out of a princess phone.

  4. You're making me extra glad I skipped town for Chicago for the long weekend!

    1. Hi Kim.

      Oh, I still snatched up plenty of good stuff around town, but I bet Chicago woulda been fun too!