Thursday, September 13, 2012

Looking For Some Cheap Style? Of Course You Are! Let's Check Out Grand Rapids Michigan This Time, As Per Reader "MissShapes" Request. Status: Not My Turf!

Surreal sculpture "Possess" by Jason Graham slouching toward Grand Rapids, MI #ArtPrize #iPhoneography

I was going to go down the list of nominations in the order recieved since there weren't any "seconds" to the nominations for episodes of "Not My Turf"...but I got intrigued Grand Rapids Mi. and got sidetracked. I'll try to get around to everybody's nominated city but it might take a while! Thanks for all the suggestions! Now let's see what we can find in northern most major metropolitan city in Michigan.


Last weekend, at the last estate sale we went to, I spotted the mate to this beautiful Hooker

Mainline tall chest of drawers!  It was in the last room of the upstairs and it was in the same

room as the pair of Broyhill Brasilia nightstands that I picked up.  These are very sturdy pieces

and the unit I checked out was very well built.  This piece is only $75 or best reasonable offer!

That's a good price for ANY dresser, much less for one as stylish as this!


This pair of chairs is available at a joint called "Lost And Found".  Still they are only asking

$50...for the PAIR!  BOTH!!!
  What a bargain!  They look like they are in really good shape.

I'm not sure I'd leave the rollers on the darker one but I'd be happy to snatch these up if these

were local to the StL.  Even the upholstery looks pretty nice!


It's not listed as such but this is a hard to find Kent Coffee Perspecta end table.  The Perspecta

line is a close cousin / contemporary of the Broyhill Brasilia line.  This one looks like it's in

amazing condition for it's age.  The ad says "near perfect condition" and the seller asks only

$49 for this vintage modern beauty
.  Go - click through with haste and call the seller!  It may

already be gone!


I'm not One Hundred Percent sure but this looks like it might be a Lane end table.  I forget

the name of the line but I used to have a desk like it.  In any event it's a beautiful side table

and a terrific bargain with an asking price of only...wait for it...$35
!  Dang, I'm starting to

get jealous of those close to Grand Rapids!  Lucky folks, they!


Not the best photo but still, I'm intrigued!  Looks like a nice "Slavic-modern" Danish style

lounge chair.  Finding a good one with good cushions at an asking price of only $60 is kinda

tough around here, and you get a nice footstool to go along with it!  Looks like it's at an

antique mall called Changing Thymes
so it should be easy to check out in person.


If you are looking for a nice vintage modern style dining table and chairs, you could do worse

than this nice looking set.  The ad states "leather seats" but I have my doubts.  Probably vinyl. 

Does it matter when the asking price is $125?  Think of this way, Four Chairs and One Table

equals $25 for each piece!  Cheap!


I'm not sure how I might use this at home but I'd love to have it for my antique mall booth!

It's got the vintage modern look but doesn't claim to be vintage at all.  It is solid wood and

the seller only asks $20
.  I'm afraid I'd have to go get this if it were in my backyard!


This is an amazing find!  Looking for a beautiful Heywood Wakefield Encore suite that maybe

needs a little TLC?  With an asking price of only $200 you could have this set professionally

refinished by someone like A Modern Line and still be well ahead of the game!  A set like this

 isn't something you are going to see on craigslist very often.


Also at an asking price of just $200, another find that is in want of a little love.  This is still a

bargain and simple enough to refinish yourself!  I've done it.  Simply sand off any loose paint

and rust, spray with some primer, sand smooth and hit with a couple coats of bright shiny

white paint!  Believe me, you...I'd have this set in a little minute if I could!


I know it's an absurdly small photo, but look closely.  Look VERY closely.  The chairs.  Don't

they look like Eero Saarinen chairs by Knoll to you?  This is one of those "pee my pants" kinda

finds on craigslist.  The seller is only asking $75 for a pair of chairs and a nice retro table as well

Better act quick, before someone else figures out what they are!


  1. You're probably going to have all your followers up in Grand Rapids scratching their heads thinking how did I miss this? Bet all these get snagged post haste. I know I'd be all over that H/W and probably most of the rest as well! Thanks for the hot link!

  2. I'm heading to MI this weekend, but don't think I'll get up to Grand Rapids. However, I'll be hitting the Saugatuk/Holland area antique malls/stores and can't wait to see if I can find a few things that won't cost me "Chicago prices". :-)

  3. They Heywood Wakefield set. I am in the wrong side of the country to partake. Really nice. Impressed with your furniture knowledge too.

  4. A Modern Line is right...I missed ALL this stuff!! Thanks so much for the post, I'm going to be inspecting further and I'll let you know if I'm fast enough to get to any of this great stuff!! I'm looking at a Broyhill Saga credenza tonight..wish me luck! :-)