Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Can You Guess What It Is? Let Me Just Say This About That: I Almost Peed Myself When I Saw It On Craigslist. Status: It's A Keeper.


Yes, the top has some finish issues.  It's comes with the territory!  This was the only photo of the table in the ad.  The text?  Oh, that helped a lot: "Oval table / 5 foot oval table with metal pedastal base".  The price?  At least that was something of a clue: $400.  Mr. Modtomic paid every bit of that...and loved it.  LOVED IT!!!  Know why?  Know what it is?  Look inside for another clue!


     Does that help?  This is it for the photos today.  I'll get more when I get it cleaned up...and

it's not 4am.  Here's the scoop; I spotted this on craigslist last Friday.  I (of course) immediately

shot off an e-mail.  I wasn't sure of my instincts so I asked for a photo of the base.  Then I

thought better of it.  What if the seller was lazy and there was another buyer interested who

didn't CARE what the base looked like and DIDN'T ask for other pics?  I sent another e-mail

about 15 minutes later saying that I would be out and about anyway and would be fine just

dropping by to see the table myself, cash in hand, ready to buy.  No response from either e-mail.

I waited all day...then all night.  No response the next morning.  I started to lose hope.

     I responded to my own ads to check and see if the craigslist referrer was working correctly.

I even tested it through one of Nick's ads.  Everything was working right.  I sent another e-mail

through a different e-mail account to see if that helped.  Nope.  I had the Girlfriend send one

through a different e-mail provider.  Nothing.  I gave it a whole day without e-mailing.  Torture.

Sent another last ditch effort Monday.  Nada.  FINALLY, they called me today at work!  But

the seller was all "you the guy wanting to buy my credenza?"  Uh... huh?  Turns out he was selling

a lot of different stuff and had got me confused with another buyer but we figured it out...and

thank my lucky stars!

      I picked it up (literally, and put the top on top of Frank and the base in the back. They each

weigh about 200 lbs, at least) this evening after work at about 10:30pm.  I had another item that

I had to pick up on the way home as well so it took me until midnight to actually roll in the

driveway.  And I was bushed.  8 hour work day plus all this stupid heavy lifting.  So it took me

a little while to recover enough to get the top off Frank and the base out.  That's why I was out

there in the driveway taking pictures at 4am!  Ah, this is the life!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi OMM.

      Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner! Did you figure it out from the first pic or did you need to see the second one?

  2. Still can't believe you got that thing in Frank. This is one of those scores where knowing your stuff really pays off. Not everyone would have noticed what that was from the listing picture.

    1. Hi Nick.

      Well, The base made it into the back of Frank, but the table top went on the roof rack and got tied down. But then...I had to go pick up a desk...that's when it got frustrating!

    2. Oh, and right...The reason I recognized the table (actually, suspected that this was a Florence Knoll dining table) was because I had seen them on line when researching a little hairpin leg nesting stool that I had a while back, then actually seeing a conference table (a craigslist find that I stupidly passed on because it wasn't marked and had some chrome chipping off) with the same base down in New Orleans a few years ago while on vacation.

    3. I wouldn't have recognized it. Good job.