Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Estate Sale Score! Out Of Nowhere, A Fine Pair Of Hard To Find Broyhill Brasilia Night Stands. Status: Available!


Finding a matched PAIR of Brasilia night stands this AFTERNOON at a SECOND DAY / HALF OFF estate sale was, say it was an unexpected surprise would be a ridiculous understatement!  I didn't even PLAN on going to any estate sales this weekend, but when I woke up and it was so nice out I just felt like puttering around a few nearby.  Did it pay off?  Oh yeah!


Right, so I rolled out of bed at the crack of 10am...poked around the crib trying to wake up

proper...took a leisurely paced shower...stoked up the PC and decided to see if there were a

couple estate sale close by, just for fun.  As is usual, there were about 20 - 25 sales scattered

throughout the StL. area but I picked out a half dozen of the closest to home and dragged the

Girlfriend out the door.  Remember, it's SUNDAY...Afternoon!  I only expected to find the

leavings of the wolves.


Somehow these little gems got overlooked at an inner west county (inside 270 and Lindbergh)

estate sale.  They weren't shown in the sale pics and neither was the only other piece of vintage

modern furniture: a Hooker dresser in the same room.  There was LOTS of high end and

antique furnishings still to be had but nothing else to suggest that these night stands would be

hiding out in the farthest most upstairs bedroom.


...And how is it that they were still available on half price day?  They are in Excellent condition!

Oh sure, there's a bump here and there and there has been a glass of water left on top in the

past but you'd be hard pressed to see ANY of that from five feet away!  I had to buy an entire

bedroom set to get my first night stand like these and I had to drive to Chicago to find my

second!  A couple years later and these just fall in my lap.


Life can be crazy like that! All I was hoping to pick up was maybe a better garden hose (leak

free), maybe some smalls for the Booth (44) down at The Green Shag Market and maybe a

cheap 8 foot folding ladder. This, as they say in the business, was just icing on the cake!



  1. Always great to find a pair of anything, especially night stands and lamps!

  2. I wish you delivered to Massachusettes

  3. Wow! Those are gorgeous and WHAT A FIND on half off day! :-) Good job!

  4. Super find! They look like they are in excellent condition too.

  5. Obviously your picking MoJo is back! Nice score!