Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sorry For The Lateness. Got Back From Chicago Roadtrip Kinda Late Last Night. Brought Home Some Cool Stuff Though, Like This Pod....Thingy. Status: Epic Super Score? Who Knew!


Remember the pair of Broyhill Brasilia night stands I picked up at an estate sale a few weeks ago? They sold to a couple in Chicago and I drove up to deliver them. Jumped in the car (the Girlfriends new Ford Fiesta...40mpg!) at around 7:30am and hit the road. Didn't get back until after midnight. Lots of driving.

But along the way I stopped at a nice antique mall near Normal Il. called the Bronze Giraffe

and picked up this great hanging planter / candle holder thing (Turns out it's a Malcom Lealand

Hanging Totem for Architectural Pottery!) . It does have some candle smoke soot inside the

tops of the pods so I guess it was used for candles at some point but I keep picturing it with

Spider Ferns growing out of it.


This wasn't a super bargain as I think I paid about what I would have wanted for it...maybe

a little less - I gotta still feel like I got a deal and all - but it's in great shape. I gave it a carfull

looking over to be sure it wasn't cracked anywhere. The vendor had lots of great items available

besides this but I couldn't afford to bring it ALL home. I'll show you more of what is available

there tomorrow.  This made the cut though.  Remember too, I wasn't in my "moving van" of a

Focus Wagon...just a little Ford Fiesta, and I had to limit what bought because of size.


Of course, now I have to figure out where to install it!  I'm thinking about putting it in the dining

room in the corner between the china cabinet and the buffet.  It would look great right here in

the foyer too, suspended high above this entry table.  Decisions decisions, it's rough having too

much cool stuff!  I'd love to put plants in it but I'm afraid that water would drip out of the bottom

of it onto whatever is below it.  I guess I'd have to probably hang it outside if I wanted to do that.


So the Chicago road trip was lots of fun...except for the traffic....on a SATURDAY.  Sillyness.

It's almost as fast to take side streets with stop lights as it is to try the highway.  Anyway, I met

up with the buyers, dropped off the night stands and then took off to check out some fun places

to shop.  I wanted to get the Girlfriend and a buddy of mine a jacket each from the Alley on

Clark and then had just enough time to drop in at BAM (Broadway Antique Market) up north.

I even managed to find a couple of things there that I just had to bring home...and I took a ton

of pics.  Stay tuned, all will be revealed!


  1. Woah. I love this in the worst way. Let me k now if you ever decide to sell it. Oh my word!

  2. I don't care what that thing is supposed to be used for. It's cool as hell!

  3. A planter, it's a planter for air plants that only need misting. Or you could put tea candles in it and take the risk of soot turning it black.

  4. Definitely air plants - so cool!

  5. Love it! So mod. I ditto the air plants.

  6. Damn! You were up in these parts? Had I known, I would have gladly purchased any of your fireplace tools! Bummer.

    As for the planter, yes, air plants are the way to go! But make sure you get large ones or you won't be able to see them.

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  8. I'm here to 5th, 6th, 7th or whatever the air plants. Check out Stacey at "A Goode House" -- she has a good source for them. That's an awesome find - enjoy! CT

  9. Whoops, I accidently deleted my last comment!

    The hanging pods look exactly like a piece that Macolm Leland designed for Architectural Pottery, called Lantern (it came with a base so it could rest on the floor). I love it!

  10. Whoa, dude! Do you have any idea what you picked up? That's a full hanging lantern designed by Malcolm Leland and produced by Architectural Pottery. I'm guessing it was only a fraction of what it actually goes for, or you wouldn't have bought it. I mean that in the nicest way.
    I'll give you double!? Triple?!?


  11. Holy SH*T...I just thought it looked cool! I looked it up on eBay and one (with a tripod base) SOLD - not just listed - for $2000. What I paid barely would have covered the shipping! Thanks so much for the heads up christina@pmv and DM! At the time I thought the staff at the antique mall was a little over the top when she bubble wrapped it and tied it down two a couple of flat(ish) cardboard boxes but now I'm pretty happy she did so!

  12. Let me know if you want to sell or trade the lantern.