Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunday Found Us In Collinsville Illinois At The Fairmount Park Horse Track. No, We Wasn't Bettin' On The Ponies. It Was the WIL 92.3 Cornbread "Worlds Largest Garage Sale". Status: Large Yes, But Maybe Not A Garage Sale.


There really is no rest for the wicked.  With great effort the Girlfriend and I rose at the ridiculous hour of 6:30am (hey, I'm NOT a morning person...and the weekends are the only time She doesn't have to rise at 5am!) and made a little drive to the East Side!  It was worth the pain.  We had a good time working our way through the sizable flea market style sale held at the Fairmount Park Horse Racing Track.

Including the 5 bucks paid to get into the "Worlds Largest Garage Sale", the entire contents

of this blog post cost less than $25, although I did buy a couple more items though and I think

the grand total was all of $30!  The other items have already found their way into my booth

(44, in case you're wondering) at the Green Shag Market.  I haven't had time to go through this

lot and make the necessary decisions as to what stays and what goes.  I really have a love for

flip clocks and this is one of the nicest ones I've found.  It may be a keeper.  The divided

candy / nut dish will probably make it's way to the booth.  Then again, it would be great for

parties as a dip bowl.  Those cute little owls are headed to the booth, as is that beautiful cast

iron enameled fry pan.


It was kinda funny finding two very nearly matching retro vases being sold by different vendors!

They are both in excellent condition.  I had to give them a REAL good looking over since they

were both kinda dirty and pretty fragile looking!  Nope, no chips or cracks!  And the art glass?

That too was filthy.  The bottom was CAKED with mud.  It was mostly covering the "Made In

Italy" sticker.  But when I spotted that, was coming home, filthy or no!  It cleaned up

nice, don't ya think?


Lastly, I picked up this nice Stanford Sebring asymmetrical planter in grey and white and

coincidentally a grey and white painting (not a print!) of an impressionist street scene by G.

Pierre.  I have a matching Stanford planter in pink and grey in our master bathroom.  I keep

a couple rolls toilet paper in it!  They fit perfectly side by side in there.  Maybe I'll put this

one in there to keep it company.  The G. Pierre painting has me intrigued.  I noticed online

that there was a similar painting at a sale with an opening bid of $150

and an hammer estimate of $300 - $500
.  Another was being sold by a private seller online

for $400.  Looking at eBay's completed listings I've found two that have sold: one for $125

and another for $338.33.  Hmmm...this might have been quite a nice little find!


  1. Bunch of great finds for the dough! Love the painting and if the price is right I will always pick these up.

  2. Love the decanter! I like the painting a lot too. I'd probably paint the frame black to make it really shine.