Monday, September 24, 2012

There Were A Couple Nice Estate Sales This Weekend...But A Mr. Didn't Feel Like Getting Up Early. On A Whim I Stopped At One On The Way Home From Checking In On My Booth Space At The Green Shag Market Around Noon. Status: Leftovers!


There were lots of great treasures at this estate sale that we stopped at late Saturday.  Most were spoken for.  Most were worth staking out the sale for, but I just didn't have it in me this weekend.  You know, there are enough great finds in other venues that skipping a sale now and then ain't that big a deal.  But just wait...there's gonna be a dry spell come up and I'll be whinin' like a baby 'bout it!  Anyway, this beautiful blonde was somehow left behind by the early birds.  I'll take her home, thanks.


Ain't she a beaut?  This buxom blonde Magnovox Stereo / Turn Table / Television was still

waiting for Mr. Modtomic in an upstairs bedroom after noon Saturday.  She was playing some

soft music and, in a very generous move, the Girlfriend actually introduced us as she had

made acquaintanceship first.  For real though, it actually was a very generous move cuz,

well...I do have lots of big pieces of stuff populating our living space.  For her to say "honey,

you're gonna want to see what's in the other bedroom" meant (to me, at least!) that she was

down with me loading her up and bringing her home.


She's not perfect but still looks hot for 50, right?  The important part, everything works!  Well,

I still have to check out the turn table.  I didn't have time to give that the once over today, but

the radio and TV totally work!  When I looked her over at the sale I clicked on the TV and the

tube came alive so I had high hopes.


This will some day absolutely MAKE someone's living room.  I'm pretty good with large items

in my booth space so I'll drop it on craigslist for now.  But if something big sells at the Green

Shag, I'm ready.  Speaking of Booth Space at the Green Shag, I've been thinking about

expanding.  You see, I wasn't really sure that I'd do all that well in an antique mall at first.  I

was worried that I'd end up just selling a little here and there, just enough to make rent and

I would end up just giving stuff away to have a 6 x 8 storage.  But it has been going really

well.  Before I rented the booth Nick (from Midcentury Midwest) wondered if maybe we

could open a shop together.  I'm far to conservative to jump in with both feet like that, but

now...well now I'm thinking that he and I should go in together on THREE connected booth

spaces at the Green Shag Market.  That way we would be able to place large items such as

sofas and large groups like dining sets with china cabinets.  We've worked together before

to both our benefit and I'm pretty sure we'd both benefit from a large booth space.  Now I

just need YOU to help me convince him!  Go over to his blog and bug him into it!  Otherwise

I may end up getting just two spaces myself pretty soon.


Blah blah blah. Whatever, right? Check out the Magnavox! See, I busted out the ol' VCR

and hooked it up to see if I could get a picture out of that tube. And there it is, in glorious

Black And White! That, BTW is one of my favorite movies...Spaced Invaders ("Gah!!! It's

a dinosaur!"). I will admit that a tiny part of me wanted the TV not to work. Wouldn't this

be great to pull the tube out of and put a flat panel modern TV into? I guess it could still be

done...but what a waste!


  1. Man, if I'd heard about this a few weeks earlier I'd totally have been down! You know how I am about picking up retro treasures AND making money. Unfortunately with everything going on with my dad, my sole focus is gonna have to be the business for the time being and my inventory is running pretty thin. Hopefully he will make a speedy recovery and I'll be back in the game soon. On the upside, without me in the picture, there's one less collector trolling Craigslist 24/7, though you now have to contend with my brother.

  2. Yeah, I would have picked that baby up! Even sans a working anything it's still a great cabinet if the price was right! Bonus for working! No doubt you'll find an appreciative new home for that soon...

  3. Did you decide to part with this? Keep me posted! I love this!