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Monday, September 10, 2012

Nominate YOUR Nearby Major Metropolitan Craigslist Page For A Future "Not My Turf" Scavenger Hunt! Status: Up To You!

I get a kick out of scrounging through craigslist to find great vintage modern buys that might get overlooked and I think you guys like to check it out too. Here's your chance to point me in the right direction. Sound off inside!

Leave a comment below letting Mr. Modtomic know where you'd like to see a blogcast of the "Not My Turf" in the near future.   I love to help my loverly readership find a local bargain!


  1. Since I'm in Nashville,Tn... Well,you get the idea :)

  2. I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan...would love to see some cool finds from my state! Thanks!

  3. The challenge with DC Craigslist is that there is A LOT of stuff. When it's listed as mid century or vintage or retro, it's generally priced pretty high. But today I'm picking up the room divider in this post: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/fuo/3250435665.html so there are decent-ish things to be had cheap if you're willing to try search terms like "wood room divider". Or this: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/fuo/3261442507.html Is this any good? Plycraft? Knock-off? Would you buy something like this if it had to be reupholstered?

    1. Hi Alison.

      I might pass on the chair but it depends on how often something better comes along. The ad says it's a Plycraft but I don't see any tags on the bottom. The room divider looks like a great buy! Maybe make a $45 offer on the chair...see if they bite, as long as you can re-upholster it yourself or learn to do so on it.

    2. The room divider turned out to be an okay buy. It's small so it's out of scale with my other furniture and it's SUPER light weight. Not as cool as it seemed, but for $20? I took it anyway. We'll stick it in the spare room for now and if we don't find a good spot for it, probably re-list it. I passed on the chair. I don't need another project right now.

      Got lucky at the thrift store today though. Went to pick up a five-drawer Brasilia I'd bought over the weekend and they'd put the long six-drawer out on the floor. I asked if they maybe had anything else like it laying around, but they assured me not. Still, two Brasilia pieces in pretty decent shape at the thrift is nothing to sneeze at. Those are keepers. BTW, LOVING your blog. Seriously so fun to have someone else to talk to about this stuff! My Facebook friends don't get quite so excited.

  4. SF Bay Area please! (or Sacramento)...

  5. Raleigh/Durham, NC!