Monday, September 3, 2012

Finally! Something Cool To Show Off! Erik Buck / O. D. Mobler Dining Chairs And Teak Draw Leaf Table. Status: WAS @ The Green Shag - But Now It's Gone.


I picked this up this morning, took a nap, cleaned it up, rubbed it down, loaded it up and installed it in my Booth (44) at the Green Shag Market...which, by the way, is open TODAY - Labor Day!  The Green Shag ain't usually open on Mondays but there's another shop - Quintessential Antiques - close by that is only open the first week of the month and The Green Shag is open too, to add to the bounty.  Head down, check 'em out.


I've got another set of these Erik Buck dining chairs in the Garage awaiting cleanup but I

couldn't resist picking these up this morning.  They had recently been re-upholstered in

fetching vinyl that looks very much like the original Oatmeal colored fabric but will be much

easier to keep clean.  They needed a good cleaning and got it.  They also got a good rub

down with Watco Danish Oil.  There's some bumps and bruises on the legs that just kinda

go with furnishings of a certain age.  We like to call that Character.  It's how you know it

didn't just come out of an Ikea box.


The table is one of those ingenious draw leaf tables that hide it's extensions in the sides just

under the center section.  It can be used as a small square table in a kitchen or as a large dining

table in a proper dining room.  The top is in great shape, minus a couple of pink gel pen marks

in one corner that I wasn't sure how to remove.  The legs, like the chairs, have some bumps on

them.  The table cleaned up real nice and just looked fantastic after getting a nice healthy drink

of Danish Oil.  I found this set on craigslist.  It was listed late in the evening. I called just after it

was listed but the seller wasn't able to show / sell it to me at that time.  I set up an appointment

to check it out at their earliest convenience, which was 9am.  I'm not much of a morning person

but I really wanted this set.  We decided that since I was getting up early for this that we may as

well get up even earlier (sigh) and hit the Wentzville Flea since it was Sunday.


It was a total bust. There were only about 30% of the regular vendors there! Suck! After the

Flea we picked up the table and chairs which helped ease the irritation. But then we hit the St.

Peters Goodwill and guess what...a swing and a miss. Crap! My strike out streak continues.

Anyway, I shoe-horned the 5 piece set into the booth space and it's available as of now! Also,

you can just see the red Baumritter clam shell vinyl chair in the photos. Man, I got so much

stuff in this little booth space! I like to think I'm getting better at getting stuff to fit in here without

it being crazy.


  1. Do you know a source for the oatmeal fabric? I need to repair my mobler dinning room chairs.

    Thank you.

  2. Do you know a source for the oatmeal fabric? I need to repair my mobler dinning room chairs.

    Thank you.