Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Plastic Dinnerware. This Time The Girlfriend's Estate Sale Score. Status: Texas (ware) Hold 'Em.


The Girlfriend spotted and snatched this lot of Texas Ware at the estate sale where I picked up the "Slavic Modern" danish style chair and pole lamp recently highlighted here on Mr. Modtomic.  What a gorgeous blue color, but is this considered "confetti"?  If not, then what is this called?


I sorta consider any plasticware or Melmac with the obviously different color flecks of plastic

in it to be "confetti" but I know that what is mostly referred to as "confetti" would be of multiple

colored flecks like red, green and yellow or some such combination.  Maybe there is another

name for this look?  Beats me.


This is the entire lot as it was found.  I haven't had a chance to actually clean any of it.

Unfortunately there is plenty of staining on some of the pieces like the coffee cups.  I lied, I

actually started to clean one of those cups just to see if I could get the staining out.  I used

Goof Off and 0000 Steel Wool...because I had it handy while I was cleaning the pole lamp.

It did work a little but not completely.  Any suggestions.


There are some missing bits as well.  This is no issue though as we are always running into other

partial sets and I seem to remember that we already have another partial set of Texas Ware

around here somewhere and the colors seem to mix and match with each other nicely.  Some

day I'll have to get all the plastic dishware together so that we can figure out exactly what we

have and what we need to make full sets and maybe what we can live without.


In addition to some of the pieces being stained and some missing there are some pieces that

apparently got too close to the range!  Burns mark a few of the pieces and at least one has heat

cracks.  Almost all have utensil marks.  These aren't museum pieces.  I'd use them but I'd put a

paper plate on them to keep from further staining and marring.  But first I gotta give them a

proper cleaning!



  1. Hey Mr

    The word I've always heard associated with this design is "speckled". As in Blue Speckled Texas Ware.

    Don't know if it's an official name, but it's pretty common over in Indiana.

  2. We've recently started collecting Boontonware and have been able to get
    some stains out using soft scrub with bleach and 3M scotchbrite pads. Try the soft scrub first with a sponge, and if that doesn't work, use the scotchbrite, but rub gently, you don't want to scratch the surface. Our melmac is speckled too! If there are any experts out there, should we be using the dishwasher or does this dull the finish in the long run???
    cc (cluelesscampers)

    1. Hi CC. I have used those scotchbrite pads on other stuff. I'll give 'em a try.

  3. I love Texasware. I've had two large confetti mixing bowls since I set up housekeeping in 1967, and they look almost as good today as they did then...not a single chip, crack or stain.

    1. Hi Dana. Yup, the Texas Ware / Dallas Ware is definitely the good stuff!

  4. I use plain ole liquid bleach to get the stains out of Melmac.

    If it is a bad stain, I pour it directly on the stain and rub with a gloved finger. (I keep extra rubber gloves handy) Give it a second to lift. And rinse with warm water and soap.

    If it is light stains... I fill up the sink with the hottest water I can stand (with my gloves on) and add in a half cup of bleach. Put the dishes in and give it a minute to work.

    And if I need to scrub I only use one of those Mr. Clean white sponges. Get it wet and spot clean. I have never mixed bleach with my white sponges.

    1. Hi FGP. Thanks for the ideas. I would have never thought of trying good ol' bleach! I'll have to see if we have some long rubber gloves. I'm not bleaching my arm hair. That'd look weird.

  5. I scored some nice texas ware in turquoise when I checked out the Green Shag last weekend! I love it.

    1. I shoulda taken a little trip there this weekend but just never got around to it. Great lil' antique mall!