Sunday, March 25, 2012

Speaking Of Nick (Armadillo), We Spent Saturday Morning Waiting In Line (#s 4-7) For An Estate Sale. Status: Pillaged.


I almost decided to forgo the photography of this estate sale...and still only shot the basement and a little of the garage.  The wallpaper above is what sealed the deal.  I HAD to at least share THAT with ya!  There were some other interesting things to behold as well.  Let's look inside.


This vintage 1960s Westinghouse fridge was one of the big draws for Mr. Modtomic and

The Girlfriend to this beautiful Saturday morning estate sale.  We certainly didn't need to get

up before dawn and wait for hours to have first crack at it but since Nick was going to get

there super early to snatch some specific goodies for himself, getting there early wasn't too

tall an order.


We were really hoping that the fridge was in better condition since it would have looked too

cool in our kitchen. But alas, it had a note on it saying that it didn't get cold. Too bad. Well,

actually...whew! I wasn't actually looking forward to moving it to our home. Lot's of work,

that. But it wasn't a bust. Oh no! We all scored lots of loot. But we'll see that stuff later. Here's

some of the retro stuff that was lurking in the basement.


Hey, Dave...does that black chair look familiar? I didn't see a tag on this one either.  There

was lots of Retro to be had down here in the basement.  I was the first person down here as

everybody else was fighting over all the danish modern American of Martinsville upstairs.


This wasn't the sale of the century or anything.  There was some great danish modern dining

stuff that got snatched before any of us made it through the front door but I wasn't looking to

bring that home anyway.  I'm all stocked up (with better stuff) at the moment.  There was some

artwork that of danish cats that I would have loved to get but I saw those get snatched before

I even took a step toward the door!


But no big deal.  Nick did good, despite having to move his vehicle literally seconds before the

doors opened.  I also got some great stuff from the basement as well as one of the coolest items

from the danish dining room that somehow got missed by the first people in line.  The Girlfriend

got some jewelry and we all had fun hanging out together.  It was a good day!  Hope yours

was too!


  1. Hi,
    The exterior of the home looks gorgeous too.Hope someone who can appreciate it buys it.


    1. Hi John. I feel ya! There were a number of equally cool homes in the area and they looked well maintained. I guess the upside of the houseing bubble could be fewer teardown / new builds in areas like this

  2. That's a shame about the fridge. Did it maybe just need some freon?

    Couldn't believe that they made me move my car as the sale started. What a joke! I'd been in the same spot all morning.

    1. Hi Nick. It was SO hard to leave that fridge behind, but I've aleady got one inoperable fridge in the Garage. And dude, you got so screwed...but not as much as last time! Bad luck just follows you around!

  3. I'd say, if the price was right, I may have had to pick that fridge! Might have been worth the price! And the wallpaper would have a new home!!

    1. Hi A Mod. I would have LOVED to find a couple unused rolls of that super mod wallpaper!

  4. Man, I hope you snagged that black chair. Then we can have twin sons of different mothers. At least we know there are two of them now.

    1. Hi Dave. I thought real long and hard about it, but for real...I just don't have the extra space right now.

  5. My fiancé and I were there- the house was fantastic! Felt bad for your friend but you know how nutty they are in Chesterfield about parking on grass!! I got some incredible dresses saturday morning and in a stroke of luck, my man was able to go back at 9am on Sunday and get the baritone ukulele for 1/2 price @ $25.

    1. Hi Jessa. It was a pretty good sale, for everybody! Even Nick pretty much got what he came for, but telling him to move his van 15 seconds before opening the doors was a d#ck move on the sales staff's part.

  6. Ahh the basement. The good stuff is ALWAYS in the basement at estate sales!

    1. Hi Betty. Mr. Mod loves him some basement booty (that's not meant to sound nearly as dirty as it does)!

  7. Totally used to have that wallpaper in my bedroom (In 1998)!