Friday, March 9, 2012

Mr. Mod Had To Drag His Lazy Butt Outa' Bed Early This Morn. To Pick Up Something Cool In Belleville And Since He Was In Illinois Anyway, Stopped By The Big St. Clair Antique Mall. Status: Shopped And Photoed.


I'll share my Belleville booty with you later, for now let's take a little photo tour of another local area antique mall.  This one is on the west coast of Illinois in Fairview Heights.  It's in a great location too...very near the highway exit for state road 159, a bunch of other shopping and a restaurant that I've been wanting to check out for a long time...Lotawata Creek.


There was an ad for something on craigslist that had been sitting for more than a week that I

just couldn't ignore any longer. I gave everybody a chance to snatch it, but it just sat there

unpurchased...and I could take it no more! I got up and made the journey to the east side. And

since I was in the neighborhood I decided to drop by the St. Clair Antique Mall. This is part of

a collective of Antique Malls in the St. Louis area.


I started poking around the antique mall and right away realized I was gonna need to get the

camera out and shoot some pics to share with ya'all. Visiting these antique mall is great because

the stock is always changing. New goodness is always showing up AND we are blessed here

in the mid west with so many great antique malls that you can visit so many that by the time you

get back to your first...well Of Course there will be some turnover! Down side? Better strike

while that Iron Is Hot...cuz' that Iron might not be there next time.


Most of what I found there on this particular trip was more in the Retro or Vintage vein than the

Danish or Mid-Century Modern style.  But Mr. Mod loves it all.  I should have taken a picture

of that table cloth under the California Modern serving pieces above.  I didn't have a lot of time

and there was a number of items that I would have had to move.  Too bad, it was pretty cool,

like the panthers on the a totally different way.


Finding a matched pair of Retro lamps can be a challenge. This is one of those things you're best

just heading to a shop of antique mall for. Finding a matched pair via serendipity is just too hard.

I've done it but only a handful of times in all my "picking" days. I love that PomPom aluminum

christmas tree...even though it's a shorty!  If that lamp in the middle pic was wood and aluminum

instead of plastic and aluminum, it would be here with me now!  I gotta thing for the jade colored

mixers.  Then there is this rather impressive Tiki style dining and coctail set.  All I got is....WOW!


Of course there were tons of cool vintage and retro dish set and partial sets available from the

various vendors. I was especially smitten with the blue and yellow dandelion looking set. I've

never seen that pattern before.


And if you know Mr. Modtomic, you know he like all this ceramic stuff. Planters, lazy suzan

chip and dip sets, candle holders...whatever! I dig it all! As long as it sports a neat biomorphic

or organic shape, I'm all over it.  I did actually end up buying one really neat item while I was

there but I'm soooo sleepy from getting up at an ungodly hour this morning (9:30am...

I KNOW! UGH!) that I'll just have to leave you with that.  See ya tomorrow...stay outa' trouble!


  1. I heard Lotawata creek is the bomb

    1. Hi johnny! I too have heard this multiple times. Gotta make a point of checking it out one of these evenings...maybe on our way over to the Sky View Drive Inn to see a couple movies.

  2. You finally Made it over there! Isn't that a pretty awesome place? Somebody was selling a Milo Baughman chair in there for like $1200 last year. I think I posted about it. There is some neat stuff in there for sure. Also, Lotawata creek IS the bomb. Their rolls are fantastic!

    1. Hi Brian. This was the first time I had my camera with me while in the area. There weren't any cool Baughman recliners this day (sadly) but that bamboo bar and dining set is almost as cool!

  3. The ranch style doll house near the top is blowing my mind. It's a little mini dream house! Good looking selection, though, I'll have to check it out when I'm in that neck of the woods. :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Lisa. That doll house is right near the front doors and is one of the reasons I went back for my camera! I have a collection of vintage modern style doll house furniture that I think would be the correct scale for that house too!

  4. i want to land in STL and take u out shopping :)...u find such amazing places to shop...oh my!!

    1. Hi Sudha. Just let me know when! I used to have this idea that I could rent a "party bus" like bachelorette parties use and run a group of people around to a bunch of estate sales like a tour and charge a flat rate to everybody. Wouldn't that be cool if it worked? Mimosas and vintage shopping 'til noon. Line up ladies!

  5. How are the prices at the Antique Mall? I live half an hour east on 64 and am in and out of Fairview Heights but have never stopped here,I figured it was actual, old, old, my grandmas's antiques. (Lotta Watta creak **is** the bomb, BTW, just go hungry and be prepared to eat! and eat!! and eat!!!)