Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nick Made A Minor Comment About My Pair Of Bose Speaker Stands Come Tulip Tables And That's All It Took. Status: Blogged.


Can't hardly believed that I never blogged these tables before.  It's kind of a before and after...well, without so much of the before.  C'mon, you can use your imagination to picture the before, right?


Just picture these....


...attached to the bottom of these Ikea lazy suzans, then removed...


...and the tops attached to the top of these Bose speaker stands!  Plakow!  Side tables.


And there ya go. How to turn stuff into something else with just a screwdriver! What? I failed

to mention that part? OK, so yeah, I had ta take the spinny part off the bottom of the Ikea

lazy suzans and then make an "X" so I could locate the speaker stands in the center of the top.


There already was a center mark so the "X" was pretty easy to locate, I just had to be sure

the "X" was square. Having an "L" square helped tremendously! Then just screw the top to

the base and that's about it. Easy as pie. But for real, if I ever find the Bose speakers (with

EQ) sans stands, these tables will be done!


  1. I don't know if you saw them, but there is an old bose speaker set like those at an estate sale in Ballwin today. I think the ad said it was a ” gentleman's sale”.

    1. Hi Wendy. I did see them. The Girlfriend and I dropped by that sale and put in a bid but didn't get a call back. I guess my offer was too low. Asking was $495 I think. Too much for the Mr.

  2. Fast and fun looking DIY project! Certainly have a nice look..

    1. Hi A Mod. Thanks, they certainly are useful...and not so precious that I get all weird about Using them!

  3. Did you make it to that other sale yesterday? The speakers liked pretty cool but that "rare" description makes me think that they were priced pretty high.

    1. Hi Nick. We made it to that sale and one more down on the south side, then we stopped by Vandeventer Vintage to say "hi" to Gus and snap a few updated pics for the blog.