Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Almost Forgot That I Picked This Log / Magazine Catch-all At The St. Clair Antique Mall A Few Weeks Back. Status: Sharp, No?


I'm not usually into brass fireplace stuff but this is pretty cool.  I passed on one just like it at another antique mall about a month or so ago because it was all scratched up but this one is in nearly perfect condition...or at least for a used item.


I purposefully avoided taking a picture of this at the St. Clair antique mall because I knew I

was going to eventually post about it but then I got so busy with so many other posts that I

forgot all about it!


I've already got a pretty cool log / magazine rack...but can one have to many cool racks?

Yup. I'm pretty much a walking talking living proof of this. Too bad. I can use one for actual

magazines and the other for actual logs! So there!


Now if only I could find a cool looking pair of fireplace andirons. We stupidly passed on a really

neat Art Deco set (that could have passed for vintage modern) at an estate sale a couple of years

ago. I've been kicking myself ever since. Anything but the ubiquitous vintage brass andirons are

hard to come by. Anybody else got some cool looking fireplace accoutrements? I've got a

couple sets of cool tools and now two log racks but we still need an outdoor rack...and to

actually buy some wood to put in it!


  1. Wow! That's pretty nifty. What's the "arm" made out of? I'm liking the Saarinen-style end table too.

    1. Hi Nick. The arm is heavy gauge steel with a crinkle powder coating on it. The Saarinen-style end table(s) are actually Bose speaker stands that I put tops on. The work great since they are so portable.

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    1. Hi Busana. You are too welcome! I'm happy you enjoyed it.

  3. i cant get over the so cool!

    1. Hi Sudha. It's the arm that kinda makes this so much neater than just a normal brass log holder, right!

  4. That thing just glows in the pics... Love the lines!!

    1. Hi A Mod. Well, the "glow" is actually cuz I shot this at night and had to use a flash. I hate to do it but I failed to give myself enough time that morning to shoot anything before heading to work. This whole daily blog thing is really "fly by night" and resembles quite the house of cards.

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    1. Hi RC. Thanks, I wasn't quite sure about the first one (the one I spotted with the scratches) but it must have been in the back of my mind still since I snatched this up as soon as I spotted it without a second thought!