Saturday, March 10, 2012

This Little (Little?) Jewel Popped Up On C-List Night Before Last. Picked It Up On The Way Home From Work. Status: Brutally Fake.


Brutally fake?  Huh?  What's that all about then?  Well, when I spotted this clock on C-list the other night I was fooled.  I gawked at the pics did a double take at the price and shot off an e-mail.  I over offered since I was asking the seller to meet me after 10pm.  But I didn't really read the ad until I had already sent the e-mail.


What I failed to notice in the ad was that this clock isn't made of metal, but is made of resin

plastic.  You know how craigslist pics get "dumbed down" and aren't quite as crisp and clear as

they could be.  Then there is the fact that everybody is just using their iPhone to take the pics

and that almost always sucks.  But it all ads up to: read the text!  No big deal...I still wanted it! 

I just felt a little silly thinking I had just sunk a hole in one.


I made an appointment with the seller to meet just after I got off work at 10pm and luckily he

was located just exactly on my way home!  To make things simpler and just as a good way to

be safe, we decided to meet at a public place just off the highway I take home.  The transaction

took less time than it takes to fill up with gas and I was back on the highway home.  This is how

it goes sometimes.  Quick and easy, but I find that most times people (both buyers and sellers)

want to talk.  Of course!  The want to talk about the stuff!


But it was cold and windy...and late, I'm sure, by the sellers standards.  So we just exchanged

goods for cash and both jumped back in our cars and headed home.  But I did fail twice.  I

didn't give the clock a proper once over before handing over the cash.  Again, it wouldn't have

made a difference.  I was taking it home...and for what I offered.  But if you'll look close at the

first picture above, you'll see that there is some minor damage to two of the ends at that corner. 

Not even hardly enough to notice even when pointed out.



You might remember this light sconce I picked up off criagslist about a year and a half ago. When

I saw the clock I thought it was a perfect match. I thought it was hammered steel like the light

fixture. It's not but they obviously go together and as long as they aren't stuck on the wall next to

each other (that would be just...well...weird) the family resemblance will serve me well! Score? 

I'll say!  Oh, and how about that battery compartment.  Yikes.  Got stuff growing in there!


  1. Dear Mister Mod .. don't beat yourself up man.
    #1 We ALL have stepped in "stuff" (in our own minds) and tracked it home. If you don't screw up now and then you must not be doing any work.
    #2 It's STILL a nice looking piece and it DOES match your sconces AND it has a story now.
    #3 That battery compartment will easily clean up with a scotchbrite pad or fine steel wool and soon you'll be bragging about it all!
    Rock on! cc (cluelessampers)

    1. Hi CCs. I'm not bummed at all...and I can't wait to update everybody on your recent decision! Let me know when it makes it home.

  2. Love it anyway. And LOVE LOVE LOVE the sconce. I recently scored a 1969 Brutalist Moe chandelier plus single sconce on ebay -- same ones as on the front page here: This whole look is very appealing!

    1. Hi Pam. Me too! It seems that the Brutalist style is gaining a new following. The Brick House has been trying to score a chandelier (for me!) for a while now.

  3. I recently spotted at value village tin on plywood wall art that was the same style and design as this, it measured about 20x30. I thought it looked cool but wasn't sure where I'd hang it in an already eclectic 1915 Edwardian home. I thought about buying and reselling but wouldn't now what to value it at or if it would appeal to the masses.

    1. Hi David. Awe...I wish you'd have taken pics! I'd have loved to see what it looked like. Sounds pretty cool. I hate taking my camera (and tripod) with me everywhere but I also don't like using my phone to take pics. One day I wanna make a tripod for that I can clip my phone to.

  4. Oh and I'm sure you already now if the clock mech is shot , most hardware stores carry new ones or buy a cheap used clock second hand and gut it in seconds.

    1. I've already done a blog post on replacing a plug in clock mech. with a battery mech.

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  6. I too am guilty of not paying attention and paid for it. Guess everyone has done the same. Still very cool piece regardless of materials!

    1. Hi A Mod. Yeah, I just got a little ahead of myself on this one. No harm, no foul.

  7. HI,
    I think it's cool just the same especially if it fooled a trained eye like yours. Most people probably won't notice the difference unless you point it out. I have a resin sculpture over my fireplace of two abstract birds in a tree and it looks great up there. What a great story now too. Enjoy.

    John aka AtomicHipster.

    1. Hi John. "Trained Eye" is a little strong...but I'll take it! I got blinded by my own excitement.

  8. I've made several mistakes at estate sales (due to the poor lighting in attics/basements) but if the price is right I don't get too upset. The clock is still a well designed and unusual piece that seems to match perfectly with your decor!

    1. Hi Leilani. I love poorly lit estate sale basements. That's where all the Really good stuff is hiding! The clock will soon be cleaned up and proudly displayed...somewhere. Not sure where just yet.

  9. Sad it turned out to be resin. if u havent paid too much. its ok i guess