Thursday, March 15, 2012

Check Out This Big Pile Of "Bull". I Brought Him Home From The Goodwill A Few Weekends Back. Status: Brutal Bovine!


Mr. Mod is slowly curating quite a collection Brutalist art and stuff.  First was the light sconce, then came the cool clock and now this pissed bull.  Why is the bull so pissed? Hmmmm...


...Probably 'cuz somebody chipped his little horn.  Awwwe...poor little bull.  Gotta fix that.  A

little rock hard water putty will fix that right up.  Then I'll have to paint it.  Not sure about what

direction to take there.  I could just try to touch up the horn area or go bold.

DSCN6295DSCN6296 about a bold bright RED? It'd look great red with dry brushed black or brick red

in the crevices.  I don't know nuthin' about dry brushing. What, dab the darker color in there

then wipe off the excess with a rag quick before it drys completely?  Maybe I'll just shoot it shiny

black.  I'm not sure just yet.


It was only $4 so I don't think if I mess it up it'll be too much of a loss.  Maybe I'll just be too

lazy...I mean "have too many projects going on"...and just dab a little gold paint on that teeny

little chip and call it a day.


Oh, and remember that Telescope I got from (the same) Goodwill a while back?  Check out

this picture of the moon that I shot with my camera all rigged up to it!  It's not perfect.  I've got

to get the collimation worked out better but the thing was a real mess when I got it.  I'm really

digging getting out in this nice weather and doing a little star gazing.  It's not super powerful but

I can see the moons of Jupiter quite easily.  I'm going to get a special lens to double its power

so that hopefully I'll be able to see the rings of Saturn and the details of Jupiter.


  1. Man, that's some telescope. I bet you wouldn't need both hands to locate Uranus with that one. What a great find.

    1. Hi Dave. Actually I haven't been able to find...oh Wait A Minute...I see what you're up to! Uranus....both hands...locate...Your being facetious! Myanus...tisk tisk. ::shakes head:: Oh yeah, and that sucker was only $12!

  2. That's a bunch of bull for 4 bucks! I'd probably just try and touch up in the gold as I have too many other projects going on...

    1. Hi A Mod. Oh man, I know! I try not to tally them up or I'll get scared. I just have to try and set some time up each weekend to get SOMETHING done. And by done I mean Started, Worked on, or Finished!